Putting up with her so I don’t have to be alone

I am dating this girl. I love her, she says she loves me. Everything is great; until she goes out and cheats on me. She also lies to me. We have talked about the cheating, and she has said she has no plans to stop. My life is a complete mess, and I know it. I think about killing myself daily. I don’t want to be alone, so I try my hardest to look the other way and put up with the lies and cheating. When she’s not sleeping with someone else, we’re great. We get along really well, we make eachother laugh, etc. She says she needs to cheat so she doesn’t get bored with me. I know its a crock, and it hurts my feelings, but its either accept this or be alone. I am ashamed to have let myself be taken for granted and treated like I don’t matter. She has no conscience, so even if I did something stupid or overt it wouldn’t matter to her. She’d just move on to the next sucker willing to keep her sorry ass warm at night and give her money. Yeah, she takes my money too. I hate myself.

5 thoughts on “Putting up with her so I don’t have to be alone

  1. If you leave this woman you will show the universe that you know you deserve better, and the universe will put better people in your life.
    Believe in your self worth, become comfortable with yourself and the idea of being alone and you won’t be held in harmfull relationships by fear anymore

  2. You can do better. Sounds like you need the alone time to realize what a horrible person she is. There is no end game to this hell of a cycle you’re end. Get out now while you can before there are kids or STDs involved.

  3. Hey Buddy, this girl is a leech and she surely does not love you…do not kill yourself over someone that doesn’t love you…because if she did, she wouldn’t cheat on you. When you walk out on her, you’ll be able to find a normal give and take relationship…she takes you for granted only because you let her. God Bless you and do yourself a favor, get far away from this girl as soon as you can.

  4. hey. so this doesnt sound like a good relationship to b in. somewhere out there is a soul crafted for urs, and u will find it. its not worth it to hurt urself bc of someone else. not good. u shouldnt hate urself bc of her. just think abt it, shes the one doing this to u, u arent doing it to urself. my advice would be to end the relationship and move on. she shouldnt do this to u. u deserve better.

  5. Dear Friend,
    It sounds as if you should end this relationship with your friend because your very life seems at risk. You can live without her and still be happy.
    Please get into therapy soon and move with your life. You deserve better.
    Take care now and never ever harm yourself over someone else.

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