It hurt a lot

Met a girl who made me feel pretty happy inside for the first time in three years.

Seventh date, invited her over to my apartment to spend the night. Spent the day making everything perfect. Cleaned my bedroom. Went out, bought a bunch of candles, romantic stuff. Set them up around my room. Also bought some good ingredients to make pancakes from scratch the next morning.

She comes over. We sit on the couch in the living room. She tells me she wasn’t looking forward to coming over, she isn’t attracted to me anymore, and she doesn’t see this going further. She leaves.

Go into my room. She never saw all the work I did to prepare for our night together. Blow out the candles. Go to sleep.

Sounds dumb, but it hurt a lot.

8 thoughts on “It hurt a lot

  1. you know what man she dosent deserved you its better she is gone now screw her. did you think about it if she stayed there that night she could use you and then when she dosent need you anymore she could leave after that. there is worst thing everytime i dont want to tell you there are a lot of girls outside i know how it feels when you lose someone so jsut get over it dont think about it anyone cant do anything its truth you should be real man in this world….

  2. I can relate. It feels like a big empty hole she leaves. You feel like she might actually be someone special. She makes you happy again. She gives you a reason to smile. She makes you feel warm, wanted, loved. You let your guard down because you like her so much and you feel so safe with her. She turns cold. She closes the door on your face. She walks away. You feel so hurt that you just feel numb. It’s surreal. All the good things she made you feel suddenly become a distant memory, replaced by a raw tenderness.

    As I said. I can relate. But you know what? screw her man. She obviously isn’t the one for you. I have never had a girlfriend my entire life, yet I know there is someone waiting for me who will make me happy and give me a reason to exist and follow my dreams. Thats what keeps me going, the promise that we all find love, REAL love. YOU WILL TOO! Chin up man :) there is someone better out there and I believe you will find them.

    1. 93.4% of all marriages end in divorce in less than the 10yr mark. 98% in less than the 20yr mark. 99% in less than the 30year mark. U.S census bureau data 2016. The % is growing even more. Vast majority never finds love. Vast majority never even find it temporarily. Look up hypergamy and how women seek resources from a male, financial security and will take a better option once it comes around. This is evolutionary biology, bud. Grow up and learn evolution, history, stats. Love is non-existant in 99% of cases

  3. Its not dumb at all, and it also isn’t your fault. Granted, it isn’t her fault for simply not being attracted to you, but don’t take it too hard. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and perhaps you will find a more vibrant one than before. It is absolutely okay to feel sad and hurt about this kind of stuff, and I understand your pain. If you need someone to talk to, there are many websites dedicated to therapy, or just to listen. Don’t blame yourself. Keep moving forward.

  4. I’ve never had anyone plan for pancakes the next morning. She’s an idiot. Call me. We can compare pancakes because mine are amazing.

  5. Of course it hurt!!!! Youll get over this. Its a good thing that she is gone. You dont need her in your life. You will eventually meet someone new and laugh at this.

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