Interfaith Affair

He just recently ended our affair, at first I accepted his decision because I wasn’t his girlfriend after all although it was hard for me because I knew his girlfriend and she also experienced interfaith relationship with him. Life moves along until I knew his true motive… I was so disappointed, he betrayed me and I was fool to make promise with him. Everyday every time I saw their Instagram Story, my heart was aching. Now, I avoid him in the best way I could. I’d rather stay silent or my tears will burst out. I’m too sad for everything, I thought I could fix our friendship but now… I just can’t, I thought he will be a good companion although we couldn’t have each other. Now I know his true color and may God will give them what they deserve.

3 thoughts on “Interfaith Affair

  1. This is a joke right? You had an affair with a man who already had a girlfriend who you said you knew!? Sorry but cheating people like you deserve every bit of what you get. You said he betrayed you, well what did you expect from a man who already had a girlfriend? I hope your in a better place now and i hope you’ve moved on and changed your ways. Peace

  2. Good for you realizing this and moving on. Once people start cheating with people, they always end up with the short end of the stick.

  3. Don’t think more about them they will develop get wt they deserves u just try to overcome from that sadness try to see the world because he is not only in this world there can be so many true not fake like him who can break ur trust. Just move on miss unknown u have so many choices don’t get deppresed its ok everything will be fine if u will try to do sorry if I say wrong

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