8 thoughts on “I’m Gay

  1. The poster seriously needs to comprehend that the genuine word they are fishing for is THEY ARE QUEER ; not anything but QUEER. Get it right from now on.

  2. Have you ever had a feeling of too much?i hurts but you cannot do anything becasue you are aftaid to let it out! Cause it might hurt other people too. :(
    I need someone to talk to. :(

  3. I was literally in a similar boat. Married at 19 and by 24 I realized that I wanted to be with women. I told him how I was feeling. He thought we should go to therapy and maybe introduce women into our relationship. I knew I did not want that. I did agree to therapy though even though I knew it would not work. He was just so distraught I figured with time he would understand. at 25 he finally realized we could not be happy together and agreed to a divorce. I wish I had just gotten it over with at 24 and not wasted time. I am now 27 and have found the love of my life. She is amazing

  4. This must be a difficult thing to be feeling. I would suggest you talk to your husband about it. You made vows to each other to love and honour, and it would be a dishonour to you both to not try to be the best YOU that you can be. And if part of what makes you YOU is that you are Gay, then you will need to talk to him. This doesn’t mean you need to immediately divorce him or anything, but you do need to open a line of communication with him. He is your closest person, and his support may help. Good luck!

  5. When you marry too young you haven’t given yourself a chance to know who you really are. If you are truly gay don’t hide it from your husband (he already knows something if off, trust me). He wants a straight woman to meet his emotional and physical needs, and you need a woman to meet yours. Take a deep breath and communicate with your husband about who you are. You will be happier.

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