I Want nothing to do with my bfs child

My bf had a child on me while we were dating. The child was conceived before me. Now that he is here i cant bring myself to be around or want anything to do with him

12 thoughts on “I Want nothing to do with my bfs child

  1. He must deal with his mistake. You probably have enough baggage of your own, yes? Every man for himself. Tell him good luck and move on.

  2. I understand. You’re mad about it. I was pissed about my boyfriend having a possible child with someone else. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. We found out later it wasn’t his, but still the thought of a possibility of it. I almost left him. I’m selfish when it comes to loving and I want my child to bet the first child with anybody I marry.

  3. It’s hard being a stepmother, and this child is a constant reminder of his past. Your not expected to automatically love this child. Your not really expected to automatically like the child. Just get to know him, remember, your not expected to be his mother, your just the girl seeing his father

  4. Why is that selfish Joe? it isn’t her child, it’s her boyfriends child. Why would she want anything to do with it. I don’t blame her even though I have two children. If anything, it’s selfish for the boyfriend to expect her to ‘mother’ the child.

  5. You’re looking at this all wrong. You’re acting like this child has done something wrong. When the truth is it is as much a victim of the situation as you are. More so because it never had the opportunity to make a decision as to whether to stay in this mess. But you do. Grow up. Either leave or stay but don’t make this child pay for your choice and your boyfriends selfish stupidity. If you stay you need to be this child’s champion. Not their enemy. I know what it’s like to know you are hated by the people closest to you. It’s soul crushing and no child, however they came to be, deserves that kind of cruelty. Be a better person than they were. Be a hero.

  6. When a lion takes over a pride, he kills any cubs of the previous lion. This gives him and his children better chances of losing the Darwin award.

    The competition’s children can be difficult to face. However, you have power over this feeling.

    If you wish to change your disgust into a solid bond, try doing some things with the child. Open up, connect emotionally. Make him laugh, find out what he likes, record his face when he tastes his first lemon.

    Be strong, have fun, and don’t wuss out when life kicks the difficulty up a notch. There’s a lot more where that came from. There are big rewards if you learn the right lessons from them.

  7. Isn’t this immature and selfish on your part? Few people would have anything to do with a person who cannot stand their child. Think this one over. Good luck.

  8. Run. while you can. Trust me it gets worst. Baby mamas even down the line and family members are not worth any of it. (married now to the guy) It comes out later. Find yourself a nice single guy with no kids to really start a family, Not this broken mixed up one. Best wishes.

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