I Want a Gay Experience

I’m bisexual. And I have a girlfriend. I’ve never came out to anyone before…but I long to be with a guy. I love my girlfriend so much and I’d give the world to her. But I feel guilty for having these fantasies of having gay experiences. :(

4 thoughts on “I Want a Gay Experience

  1. I believe that most men at some time or other wonder what sex with another man is like and fantasise about it. I am a married man and have had the same feelings and I have met a few men for sex. I found it is just a physical thing and never any chance of commitment but sexually satisfying and just fulfills a need every so often. I love my wife, she knows nothing about my sex now and then with another man and she never will. You will always have this fantasy so just try it.

  2. I think that your best bet is being honest with her. It will be a weight off your mind to tell her how you’ve been feeling and perhaps there are ways you can explore your sexuality with your partner. However, before choosing to have an experience with someone else – alone or with your girlfriend – it’s important that you are completely up-front with everything. Don’t go behind her back, don’t leave things vague. It’s very easy for people to get hurt if someone new is added to a relationship. Also, if you take some time to soul search you might want to ask yourself the following questions:
    1.) Is the desire to be with a man worth risking the relationship you have now?
    2.) If you don’t experience being with a man, do you think you will ever feel sexually fulfilled?
    3.) When you picture your future, do you see yourself being in a committed relationship with a man or a woman?
    4.) Would you and your partner consider a polyamorous or “swingers” type of lifestyle?
    5.) Are you willing to explore other options with your partner first? (playing out fantasies, etc.)

    Good luck, I hope that everything works out for you!

  3. Just tell her about these feelings. If she truely loves you, she will understand and do her absolute best to try and help you through them. Maybe if you just tried it for one night, either with her our without her there then you could get it past. I am not saying cheat on her, however with her consent you could try. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility of a modern couple to help each others fantasies and you both may even grow from the experience

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