I feel like I want to die

I have been married a long time and the passion in my marriage died and I began meeting women on the internet. I never thought this would catch up to me and then I fell in love with a young woman, half my age, and lied to her about my age and my kid’s age and not being married. She found out and my wife found out and everything blew up. My wife has been trying to forgive me and we are trying to work things out but I feel a heavy weight on my shoulders. Sometimes I want to die for lying to these people I love. Now I am still seeing other women, I can’t stop. I need sex and passion as a man, but need to support and love my family. What the hell am I doing? I literally feel the only way out of this black pit is death.

3 thoughts on “I feel like I want to die

  1. There is no excuse for cheating. If you really wanted to make things work you would get therapy for yourself, your wife and as a couple. Talk through it all, figure it out and keep it in your pants (or at least your hands).

  2. If you trust your partner enough to marry them maybe they provide some sort of safety you need. Your constant getting attention from other women you don’t want will make you lose your partner. If your partner doesn’t care about these other women maybe she doesn’t love you and you are really in a pitiful state.

  3. Dear Friend,

    Have you ever considered that you may be better off single since you can’t seem to control yourself? If not, it’s always an option. Why have you wife be unhappy, you be unhappy and always needing to have sex outside of your union? The other thing that you could do is get into therapy and decide what direction you want your life to go in. Take care now and please stop feeling sorry for yourself. You can do much to improve your life.

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