guilt I lied to my boyfriend

i lied to my bf that someone else is hitting on me just to have his attention and possessive behaviour for me.
he is giving me these things now…but i feel bad..i feel i am cheating on him..
I am sorry I am very sorry…
Its just i love him so much.

5 thoughts on “guilt I lied to my boyfriend

  1. sometimes someone will do crazy things for love. u really love him, there isnt anything wrong with being in love. i would say just dont lie to him again but ur fine for now

  2. This is a very interesting read, the human mind is very interesting. One thing I have to say is just let things happen. The universe knows exactly what you want and the universe will deliver if you ask and work for it, but playing games? That will come back for you. Karma comes in many shapes and sizes. Have a blessed day.

  3. Just be honest with your boyfriend. Tell him how you want his attention, I mean, who wouldn’t like attention? I understand, it’s natural for someone to think others don’t necessarily pay attention to them as much as they’d like, so you come up with ways to get their attention. Anyways, just be honest with him. It’s better to tell him the truth than to continuously lie to his face.

  4. You sound confused. You love someone you’re cheating on? Have you seriously considered taking a relationship break and getting into counseling so that you can better understand your motivations and challenges with honesty and self esteem? Hope this helps.

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