Feeling sick about it

I just found out that the guy I had convinced myself I was in love with actually has a wife a kids in another city. He doesn’t wear a ring, wtf?! I feel gut-punched and am sick to my stomach about it. He’s an amazing guy, but there’s no future with him and now I am feeling completely lost and alone.

2 thoughts on “Feeling sick about it

  1. Dear Friend,
    So sorry that you’ve been hurt this way. Please allow time for yourself to heal and cut all ties with this guy. In time you will find a way to let go of this and move on with your life. Next time, please do a lot more detective work. It’s such a pity that there are so many deceitful people in the world. You deserve better and in time you shall find someone worthy of yours. Take care and let us know how things work out.

  2. Were you in an actual relationship with this guy…not online, not just lusting after him at work, whatever…if you were just infatuated with him and thought he was available because he didn’t wear a wedding band learn from this. Not all men like wearing a ring. My husband didn’t. I was disappointed at first, we chose a beautiful band from Tiffany’s and he lost it scrubbing in for surgeries and never wanted a replacement. He was true blue though…I knew him very well. You are absolutely right Heartsick, you can’t truly be with a man that belongs to another. Recipe for disaster as I like to call it. If this guy is done with his wife because of a bad marriage, he will leave if he is in love with you and doesn’t want to live without you. Don’t buy him saying, “We got a divorce”….look into to it for proof. If he is a serial cheater you want to reconsider getting involved with him. Some men are actually addicted to pursuing, conquering women! It’s something that feeds their ego’s…it’s a drug for them. Be careful sweetness.

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