I’m currently lying to two people. My fiancĂ© and someone that started off as a friend and has since pushed into different relationship. My friend has no idea I’m engaged and my fiancĂ© has no idea that my friend could be something more. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, I don’t want to keep lying but I don’t want to lose my … Continue reading Liar


Been with the same girl for 8yrs And I have been unhappy for 8yrs I don’t want to leave her because I’m afraid it will break her. But I want more, I am sometimes disgusted with her physical appearance. And she annoys me all the time. Why can’t I leave her???? I sometimes feel like a piece of shit when I think about it I … Continue reading Love?

I did something bad to get needed info, help?

I snooped my boyfriend’s phone while he was sleeping and found numerous (and graphic) texts from numerous girls about him hooking up with them while he goes out of town; he leaves for work and visits family regularly. I’m loyal and dedicated but have always been cheated on or dumped because I give a lot of rein to whomever I am in a relationship with… … Continue reading I did something bad to get needed info, help?