Sometimes I wish I could actually tell my friends what I am dealing with. How my grandma told my family that my brother and I are going to hell for not being religious. How I help with other people’s depression when I can’t deal with my own. How I have no idea about who I am, or what I am.

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  1. Reason number 3543 why I hate religion. Scaring children about hell. Your grandmother is a child abuser, plain and simple.

  2. You sound like a religious person who has simply fallen away from church a bit. Why not call your pastor and set up a meeting to discuss your concerns and whatnot. But, even before calling your minister, talk to your friends. If they’re real friends, they will understand and be supportive of you – even give you ideas as to how to deal with your problem. Go ahead, take the risk and begin feeling better. Take care now.

  3. I’ll let you do the thinking on “who am I” part, but

    I grew up in a religious family, and am openly atheist. I’ve received concern from my dad, but that’s it. Life is a gift though, don’t mistake it. It’s amazing actually. You’ll discover others out in the world that have realized they feel the same way.

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