One mistake

I found out i had an STD. I use to be one of those girls that looked down on other girls for being a whore. Sleeping around. . . And i made one mistake. I let myself open to someone who did not love me. I feel bad for being rude to the girls who got an std. they didn’t want this. I took my antibiotics, but im at risk of it staying with me, it could reappear. There’s a chance that it stays with me. And honesty i pray to god this goes away. My mom did not raise me this way. I made this mistake right after my dad died. Is god punishing me right now. why is it, i make these mistake when i am most hurt. My makeup is running because i am crying. my dad died-i quit my job-i cheat on my bf with my ex- and get an std….i deserve this. I’ve never cheated ….till after my dad’s death. this all happened in the same month. I let myself fall apart. I’m in a dark whole and I’m trying to crawl out with out any help.

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  1. Hey girl, we all go through hell once in our life and it is very easy to hit rock bottom but Remeber after hitting the bottom there is only one way to go^^^ up. Good luck

  2. Hey there, hon.
    Go easy on yourself.
    Don’t forget to take your antibiotics at the time your doctor tells you to. (your body and the microorganisms form a resistance if you don’t drink your antibiotics consistently. I’m a nurse btw).
    Please don’t be too hard on yourself. We’re only humans and we all make mistakes. You are no different.
    Get it checked, even after they say it’s clear, just to be on the safe side.
    I hope you’re doing well. And everything is well. Condolences on your father’s passing.
    Stay strong, hon. You’ll pull through this. I believe in you.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s tough to lose someone you love. Please stop beating yourself up about your mistake. Everyone makes them. I bet even your Dad made a few in his younger days. He would not want you to be hating on yourself for this. God is not punishing you and he does not hate you either. People screw up and then they learn from their mistakes and that’s what you have to do now. Forgive yourself as you would forgive your best friend or your Mom or Dad. Then decide to be better next time. If you need to, do as Joe said and talk to a counselor. Love yourself and move forward in love. You are worthy and you can do this.

  4. You are in pain and not sure how to deal with it. Don’t be so hard on yourself, it only makes things worse. You are human and aloud to make mistakes. Learn from your mistake and accept the consequences of your mistake but don’t let ruin your life.

  5. You’re not a ‘whore’ because you slept with someone else. Your life would be improved if you stopped using that word immediately.

    Suffering the death of a parent is not easy. I’m sorry for your loss. Sex, especially cheating, is how some people try to feel better. It’s not uncommon.

    It doesn’t really work.

    You’ll feel better for a moment, then terrible. In order to feel better again you go seeking another orgasm. There is no positive end to this path.

    Counseling is a very good idea right now. Be real, and don’t be polite. Talk about sex. Death. STDs. Anger. Plans. Everything you’re not supposed to tell.

    And remember: every last thing your father did when he was alive was for your future and we’ll being. Just because he died doesn’t mean that goes away. You are part of him, too. Remember him, and carry what he taught you.

  6. Dear Friend,

    Please get into therapy so that you can figure out how to get control of yourself and heal from the loss of your dad. Condolences. We’re all human so please give yourself a break. Be well now.

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