My husband molested my daughter

My now ex husband molested my oldest daughter. Its heart breaking not to mention sick because he was around since she was a baby and was the only father figure for the first be years of her life. When it came to light she was 9yrs old. It broke my heart because I had no clue and seen no signs. I feel like the most horrible mother cause things happened to me as a kid and I felt I should have noticed something and didn’t. And recently thing have came to light and I think he did the same things to his own daughter too. How could I not have know he was a sick bastard I want to crawl in a hole most days cause I feel like the worst parent ever.

2 thoughts on “My husband molested my daughter

  1. Dear Friend,
    You’re a good parent, not a bad one. You love and care for your daughter and probably did all you could to keep her safe, right? Of course you did. What you now probably need to do is to forgive yourself for not being able to prevent what has happened. No parent can keep their child safe 100% of the time. You’re no different. Again forgive yourself and let the chips fall where they may. If this continues to bother you, please get therapy.

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