hi everyone. I am so scared that I want to confess it here. I want to cut the whole story and tell you a summary. I used the 14k money that isn’t mine. I spend it all. To think that money was the payment for my dormitory. I know I did bad. My father found out and he is super mad. What do I do? I’ve been thinking of ending my life but I know that that won’t help. I now I just need to accept this. I should not be allowed to hold money anymore. and I’ve been telling them a lot of lies already. I just want to sleep and forget about everything. But I am in reality, so I just have to accept o n my fathers decision. I hope I can take his words. I feel so guilty!!!!

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  1. There is no excuse for you to spend the money for school and use it for other things. Your parents work hard for that money and save it for you. To squander it away is really a bad decision on your side. But fortunately, you seem to have good parents and will forgive you for it. But you have to show them that you have learn your lesson, willing to work hard, and get that education they save up for you. Good luck.. you will do good.

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