When i was a kid, i lie everyday everytime. Up until now i just cant stop lying. And i cant help it. It just came out of my mouth very easy. Its just like a curse to me. I want to change it but its so hard and i cant tell it to my friends since i’ve lied to them as well, it will hurt their feelings. I know it was wrong and it can hurt anyone feelings but i dont know i just did it. It seems the only way is telling the truth r8? I have to tell ‘everything’ r8? I think its the only way to stop this curse.

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  1. I had the same problem. I think you have to ask yourself why do you lie and start fixing it slowly. I grew up with high achieving siblings and over-reacting mother. I was insecure,sensitive and never happy with who I am. It started as small lies; somehow lying just become part of who I am. Lies will just come out from my mouth naturally. I had problem with having close, meaningful relationships to anyone because of my lying problem. People can smell fake. You cannot change your habits instantly or overnight. It hit me pretty hard when my ex left me because I am not trustworthy. I started writing diary every night, reflect how many lies I said today and analyse why did I lie. I told 2 of my friends who I consider my close friends about my issue. They reminded me when they knew/thought that I was not being truthful.Day by day, I notice that I lied less. It took me awhile to become a truthful person. If I can do it, so can you. Don’t lie to yourself and don’t be too harsh on yourself

  2. Confess, tell them and make them understand you can’t control it. (It might be a more serious problem you might be a ‘compulsive liar’, I suggest maybe going to talk to a professional about this) but other then that, talk to each person completely from your heart. I repeat completely. Stress that it’s something you simply cannot control and you want to change, and you don’t want to be that person and from that day on never lie again. Never. Make yourself that promise. One day people will catch on, you’ll be tangled in a web you will not be able to get out of. You’ll look worse then if you tell them the truth and stop.

  3. I’m so sick of women like you. I swear I don’t lie…and people say, “You are a troublemaker”…what? If I see someone being dishonest or hiding behind BS in order to not blow their cover, I do not respect them and will call them on it. I do not lie! And I have had to share things I am not proud of, but it is freeing to know I have nothing to hide. I know someone who is very close to me who lies, distorts truths, hurt’s relatives she claims to love all the time. She is the biggest backstabber and is basically is under the illusion that I am too stupid to see through her. I will never help her financially or otherwise, ever again.

  4. Don’t lie. Even if it isn’t popular…share the truth. Otherwise, you will live, breath and, crap a lie. One leads to another and another. Who cares what people think? You can look at yourself in the mirror and not be disgusted.

  5. You can stop lying if you choose to do so but first, it would likely help you to fully understand why you keep lying to others. Why not get into therapy and figure this out, then emerge as a more balanced person who does not need to lie about anything. It is doable – just give yourself a chance. Take care now.

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