It’s too late

I should have married you when you asked. I shouldn’t have left. I hope you are happy. I pray you will forgive me and forget about me. I never stopped loving you and always hoped you would reach out and call me. You never did. I wish you fought for me, I wish you didn’t let me walk away. Too much time has passed now. Are you at peace?

You are still my first thought when I wake up in the morning and my last thought when I go to sleep. I can’t seem to let you go.

Love always,
Your Michelle


7 thoughts on “It’s too late

  1. Life is all about our choices, Sometimes we make the wrong ones and It’s something we must live with, It sucks …..but It is was It is…..Move on and live your life…We all have that one…”What If”….Chin up buttercup….just keep trucking.

  2. ill be honest…this is a pathetic post. im not saying YOU are pathetic but this sure is. first off you say you say ” i pray you forgive and forget about me” he hasn’t called or contacted you…he forgot about ya girl lol, also you say you wish he faught for you when YOU LEFT HIM. so you give him signals that you dont lvoe him and want to see other people, and what, thats supposed to make him want you more? like what part of you denying his proposal and leaving him was supposed to make him want to fight for you?

  3. This is a beautiful tribute. Years ago, I asked a woman to marry me and we became engaged. She ended up having an affair and eventually left me. I was devastated. I ended up moving to the other side of the state and starting a new life. I have learned to live with the pain but, like you, I still think of her first thing in the morning and as I go to sleep at night. I also hope that he reads this.

  4. Life is about choices. You made yours to walk away. Never try to palm some portion to him. Your’e clearly seeking atonement, it’s not going to happen. It sounds like he has moved on from you as what he should.

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