I’m sorry for what i must do

My boyfriend, who is the only man i had ever slept, with was taken to jail for a year last month. I was so upset and emotional i let slept with a close friend. I felt awful about it before during and after. Now i feel even worse because i am pregnant. I have never believed in abortion although i felt as if it was a woman’s right to choose. I just never thought i would be one of those women considering the option. I already have a 3 year old and i just cannot support another child. I wish to God i had made better choices but i do not see a way around this. I love my boyfriend so much and he’s been there for me and loved me unconditionally for the 6 years weve been together. I guess i was just really confused but i will never forgive myself and i will spend the rest of my life trying to find peace about what i am going to do.

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  1. please keep your child if you still are pregnant… you never know how God can work through this situation… plus you can easily give it away for adoption…
    Just please, I beg you, give your unborn child a chance at life and you never know how God can do good in their life – just don’t play “God” and end your baby’s life – just have your baby and let God do everything else.

    I’ll pray for you – Peace be with your spirit

  2. Abortion is a woman’s right, it doesn’t make it right, especially when there are other options, like adoption.

    In the end, you are the one who has to live with the consequences of your actions, for good or bad. Ask yourself this, if you were the unborn child, the result of an adulterous relationship, would you still want to be born or would you rather be dead?

  3. i support your choice as this situation is a wake up call have the abortion, take your kid and leave the a$$hole because these are the situations that child services thrive on. protect the one you have and get away from that man.

  4. I lived through a similar experience. I had my first daughter when I was young, couldn’t think of an abortion, but thought all women should have the choice I had my daughter, and was a single mom, but then I started dating this guy I’d always known and liked. Long story short- I became pregnant, my first daughter was 2 and it was overwhelming, suddenly I was on the other side, I woke up each morning, realized I was pregnant and cried non-stop. The guy who got me there was suddenly awol, and I decided I couldn’t do it by myself all over again, and I had the abortion.
    The guy and I stayed together for another year or so, but in the end it was that which broke us up, and I’ll always regret it.
    Whatever decision you make, you’ll learn to live with it, and it will get better. You might always regret it a little, but your actions will lead you to a path you couldn’t have otherwise reached without the choices made. We all have regrets, but the burden of them is also choice.

  5. Nothing is wrong with choosing to terminate if you don’t want to keep it, I’ve had 2 and although I hate thinking about it I rarely do think about it. I am glad I did it twice, both guys were losers

  6. All i can say is this……whats done is done….dont linger on what has already happened. The relationship with your boyfriend could possibly end but the most important thing right now is making a safe and good decision for the baby…..I think you should keep it, i know the lord will help you if you call on him…..its painful and confusing but just focus on keeping the baby and maybe you may keep it for yourself, maybe you may give it to an adoption agency. To many babies pay with their lives because of “mistakes” or other things on our part……”They deserve to live”…..they didnt ask to be made, but we have to take responsibility for our actions and care for what we created.

  7. this child has wanted to come in before. no, abortion is not a choice it is a decision. you decided not to in the past. and stilll you won’t give her up. you have to think abuot this, do you want your children to be raised by either man. your a mother of two now. i dont know either person it is up to you to deside. think on this one long and hard. you need to do what is best for you ,this child picked you to raise her…. the universe will support you. ask your spirit guides for their help.

    i didnt even think about aborting even when the doctor suggested aborting,because of some tests to suggest he was autistic, i jump across the table and held back a pucnch. I told him no. and walk out of his office. my boy was born with two toes fused together.

    you will be put though many tests in life. struggle is only a test.

  8. Well, here are your options: 1) get an abortion and have a good chance of keeping your boyfriend, or 2) have the baby and probably lose your boyfriend. Do you want this child? If not, don’t have it.

  9. Abortion is not the right option. me and my girlfriend took it but it wasn’t the good choice.

    On another note. Sleeping with another guy… even because you are confused…. there is not excuse. It all comes down to your will and apparently you have N-O-N-E. Congrats on cheating. I’m sure your bf wasn’t in jail for murder or something. Because what you did is PRETTY bad and even if he’s in jail… he deserves better.

    I feel for him. Hope he finds someone better.

  10. I have to say, I had an abortion at 17 (I am now 29) and I have never, not for one day regretted it. That’s how I know it was the right decision for me at the time. Just make sure you think it over and over and over or it could be something you regret for the rest of your life. I also told myself that if and when I ever get pregnant again I will NOT have another one, and I intend to stick to my word.

  11. You shouldn’t ever think about abortion. Even though you acted selfishly you don’t have to act selfishly towards your unborn! You need to think about adoption, If your religious, it says Thou Shall Not Kill! So please, and I mean Please think about what your considering doing, to your unborn!!!!!!! =(

  12. Sounds like you have evaluated your situation and made a good choice for you. Feeling guilt is a normal part of any grief and loss process. Many women feel a stir of powerful emotions when they decide to pursue pregnancy termination. Please tread lightly on yourself, be kind to yourself, and try to avoid beating up on yourself. You might want to ignore this thread during this sensitive time, as any anti-choice commentary and judgmental attitudes don’t qualify as helpful, informed, or supportive feedback. Such opinions will only fuel irrational guilt, leading to further self deprecation. You don’t deserve or need negativity or subjective bias while dealing with this situation. Perhaps you can discuss your feelings with a supportive and nonjudgmental friend, family member, or counselor? You mentioned God, so maybe you can pray for peace, strength, and courage to help you cope during this stressful time?

  13. Tell m where you live i will go and pick that child up and take good care of him/her i have 4 b-utiful children a 20 year old in college my 17 year old wll be graduating this year and a 13 year old daughter and another that is 6 years old and believe you me we want another baby in our lives and we promise we will take of this child and yuo can come visit anytime and noone will ever know but us i promise but please dont abort there are lots of people that will take your baby with open arms i promise

    1. Abortion was not the right option FOR YOU. It is the right option for MANY, MANY women in many situations. You cannot speak for anyone’s situation but your own.

      1. You’re so right, Anon. I terminated a pregnancy after I nearly coded during my delivery. I would’ve been on bed-rest from 4months on, & I was just starting my second year of Nursing school so I would’ve been a year behind & having to start over after so much hard work. Not to mention that if something happened to me, my Husband would’ve been raising our 4yo Daughter alone. I did graduate & became a L&D/Peds Nurse (which was actually inspired by delivering our Daughter, who’s 20 now). Anytime anyone is unsure, I would recommend NOT having an abortion. You have to feel sure that this is the right decision for you, & that it’s a decision you can live with. Sadly, an unplanned pregnancy isn’t always a happy surprise for every woman. You have to weigh the reasons that it’s not right for you, & thats something only you can answer. Best of wishes to you.

  14. What about adoption as an option? You can give that baby a healthy, loving and supportive family to grow up with. Lots of couples out there that can’t conceive. Or are you looking to get rid of the baby because you don’t want you b-friend to know the truth?

    Also, if you do choose abortion… sooner is always better than later. Do what’s in your heart. Good luck.

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