im an idiot-a heartbroken idiot

I met him 2 years ago and became good friends, and about 4months later we started flirting by texts and facebook. We kissed for the first time 2months later and became friends with benefits. Mistake nr1. He broke it off twice and somehow we ended up kissing and fooling around again. We never had sex, I think in a way I thought I could keep him interrested that way. Typical girl I am, I fell for him. I kept up the facade of FWB for almost 18months… He knew what to say and what to do to eventually get me into bed. It was the most amazing sex ever!! Guess 18months of waiting can do that. Now, he’s ignoring me and my fear came true. Sex was the last mountain for him to climb with me. The mystery is gone and I’m the idiotic girl who fell for her player friend.

One thought on “im an idiot-a heartbroken idiot

  1. Dear Anonn,

    Don’t let this one mistake destroy you, life is full of learning and failure. trust me.. In some ways you are fortunate to find out that this person wasn’t the “one”, deep down you wish he was or its the shame.. Many women I seen in my life would put out in a drop of hat or for money… This I don’t see you fitting in those categories. A one night stand reveled your answer that he wasn’t the one.. Some women find this out after 6 years of marriage in a abusive situation that the law had to step in..
    Be strong, its going to be a muddy road… just keep moving forward or else you’ll get stuck, you might be moving slow, but your moving..
    Best wishes,


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