Illegal immigrant

I am illegal immigrant here. I used fake document until high school. I lie to all my friend. Sometimes I run away from them. I am clever enough to go to university but I can’t since I don’t have proper documents. I want to have drving licence like everyone but I can’t. There is nothing I can do here. I don’t know why my parents want us to stay here. I want to go back to my own country but I can’t. I don’t have enough money. If anyone who rich enough can give me money, I will do anything. I hate my life…. I have anxiety because of this.

6 thoughts on “Illegal immigrant

  1. you are an immigrant from where? some of my family are immigrants but they have a license and even attend community college and one goes to a university. why are you limited? are you not protected by DACA?

  2. get yourself arrested deliberately, they will deport you for free. but you better know all the reasons of your parents! try to find out why they ran away. maybe if you go back you will be in danger, or maybe you will find yourself trapped in your parent’s messes they leff behind!…. so if you really clever, this will be easy to solve.

  3. I’m really sorry for your situation. I can understand what you must be feeling. But have you ever wondered why your parents are accepting to live under such illegal circumstances, despite knowing what they’re exposing themselves to!? Maybe they want you to have a brighter future! Have you tried to explain things to them, to express yourself, like you’re doing here?! You’d have received the answer or rather the solution you’re looking for. Open your heart to them and tell them everything that you feel… that you want. I’m sure that together, you’ll find a way! After all, there are clashes within all families but, lucky are those who have a family. You should protect them, not expose them to danger.

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