i want to turn back time

if i can turn back time i will not accept her love. i will draw myself away from her so that i will not have to worry of her suicidal thoughts. she will kill herself if i leave her. this is what she told me many times.

so i am with her now. problem is, i cannot accept myself for being a lesbian. i hate myself. i hate my life.

2 thoughts on “i want to turn back time

  1. I think about 99 percent of the population has considered turning back time.Some for more intense reasons than being trapped in a lesbian relationship,but sadly there’s no button to press to bring us back to a time when our problems did not exist. if there were some way or some form of turning back time I think there’d be a long line of people waiting to use it.My point is when you can’t turn back time you have to try and make the future better.if you’re not happy in your relationship you can leave and call the cops to ensure your girl does not end up killing herself.You can get therapy for her and move on.Don’t hate yourself about the situation.Just change it

  2. I hate to tell you but you are allowing your friend to blackmail you by continually threatening to kill herself if you leave her. Read carefully now,
    “You are not responsible to keep anyone alive not even her. You are not God and it’s okay to be you.” If your friend commits suicide, she is the only one responsible for her actions, no one else. When she threatens to kill herself again, let her know that it is okay that she goes to hospital emergency room and offer to call 911 for her. Watch and see how she rejects this. Please don’t allow your friend to keep you from having the happy life you deserve. Now, try to get yourself into therapy so that you can begin to rebuild your self esteem and pride. You have a right to happiness. Take care of yourself and allow yourself to move on with your life. Please let us know how you’re doing.

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