i kissed a girl..

i have been with my bf for 4 years now. but a few yrs ago i met a lesbian who really liked me. we were just friends at first but she genuinely cared about me. i made out with her..multiple times and on a few occasions it went just a tad bit further. i didnt like her in that way, just liked the attention. i broke it off with her because i just couldnt do that to him anymore. its been at least 1 yr and a half. i love him so much but regret what i did.

2 thoughts on “i kissed a girl..

  1. If you want to be with man or woman, thats your problem or delight. But why even have a boyfriend or girlfriend???? You obviously want to be with multiple partners. Don’t be mad when you get cheated on. If you can do it to someone then most likely it can happen to you. Stop hurting others. 4 year relationship is pretty heavy. Have fun flushing 4 years down the drain :(

  2. Ok you feel bad cause you swapped spit with a lesbian….. And you did this cause she “cares” about you.

    So basically if I showed you signs that I care about you, you would have no problems going down on me?

    You need to work on your self esteem issues or rather lack of self esteem.

    You see if we fast forward a bit and now you have a husband rather than a BF eventually you will cheat on your husband cause someone showed you a little bit of attention.

    You need to see a therapist cause it sounds like to me that you have some very serious deeply rooted issues that need to be addressed by a professional.

    Good luck dear

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