I blame myself…

My best friend is dead. She was abducted, raped, and murdered. I honestly blame myself and their are many reasons why.
Reason one is that because I got caught stealing something, I stopped getting rides in the morning from a friend, and consequently, so did she.
Reason two is that I was supposed to walk to school with her and I didn’t.
Reason three is that she went to my house that morning and I wasn’t there, that’s why she was where she was and why she was alone.
If none of this had happened, she’d be alive.
It will have been 3 years ago soon and I still blame myself.

5 thoughts on “I blame myself…

  1. it’s no ones fault but the one who murdered and raped your friend. you can feel regret that things turned out badly, but the entire burden of shame and guilt is on the sick bastard who did those horrible things. I hope this isn’t poisoning your life too badly.

  2. You should not blame yourself for things that are entirely out of your control. It was by chance, and it was awful, but it was not your fault. I hope you will seek someone to speak with about this.

  3. You did nothing wrong. You may have been harmed if you were there too. I truly believe God has a plan for us all and you were left here for a good reason. Please please please don’t blame yourself. God doesn’t take something wonderful from our lives unless he has plans on giving us something better. I am very sorry for your loss.

  4. Don’t blame yourself. In the first place, people shouldn’t be abducting, raping and murdering other people!

    With the things you said, I get how loyal and a good friend she was.

    Pass on the love and friendship you received from her so you can cherish her memories, then be happy and live your life. God bless you :)

  5. Stop blaming yourself. It is the fault of 1) The person who did it and 2) Her parents for not getting her to school their f****** selves. Please stop blaming yourself.

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