He makes me sick

Hes everything I ever wanted in a boyfriend. he loves me, he understands me, hes smart, hes funny
I feel sick every time I think of him
I dont know why I dont love him, but he love me so much.
We recently got back together after a breakup, mostly due to guilt. When i said I loved him over the phone the break from the guilt felt so good I guess I confused it for love. Now I’m just trapped and I feel sick to my stomach. I dont want to hurt him but i dont want to be with him either.

3 thoughts on “He makes me sick

  1. Hun, you know how when you’ve got a bandage you need to remove? It will hurt but you got to do? And pull it FAST. Ouch but at least it’s over.

    It is unfair to you both if you stay in this relationship. You are miserable, and believe it or not, you are hurting him more if you stay with him in the long run.

    Think, a guy who is with a girl who doesn’t want to be with him, when he could be moving on and eventually find someone who does want to be with him.

    Yes like pulling off the bandage it is gonna hurt at first, but in the long run it is much much better for you both!

    Good luck

  2. I feel the exact same way about my boyfriend and I am trying my best to give him the woman he deserves but I just don’t understand why I feel this way towards him?

  3. I guess you should tell him straight. You can tell him that after the break-up and reconciliations, it never been the same. We are entering in a relationship when “both” are happy and in love, but in your case, is it a relationship? Tell him for not to hurt yourself and hurt him in the future.

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