last night i met a man, he’s quiet powerful man and has roots in govt as well, he was drinking in the car and it is not allowed to drink here, he kissed me and i got the taste of alcohol for the first time and now i feel that i’m done with my religion, it shouldn’t have happened.. whyyy i met him :'( :'( and i’m a Muslim and I’m a boy :'(

3 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. From the nature of your description, I can only assume that you are young. You have absolutely nothing to feel ashamed of. A man, in a position of power, did what mist flawed people in power do; take advantagE of people. My only advice is to stay away from this person. If you find yourself in a similar situation, confront him and express how it makes you feel. I know your religion is very strict in these matters, well, people have made it so but do NOT have any feelings of guilt toward yourself whatsoever.

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