my friend likes my ex boyfriend and a while ago he said he wanted to be “closer” again. when we were together she didn’t know and she doesn’t know now that we’re hooking up behind her back. I don’t feel good about what I’ve done I just miss the thrill with him. I’ve tried explaining how I use to feel about him but she just confesses that her affection is “stronger”.

2 thoughts on “cheater

  1. Is she going out with him or does she just like him? If he hasn’t made moves on her, then you have no problem. Tell her. She’s your friend. She doesn’t own him. It makes no sense for you to step aside for unrequited feelings. It doesn’t sound like feelings are even at play here between you and this guy, just sex. If she would abandon your friendship because you’re hooking up with someone who doesn’t like her, she’s got issues.

  2. Do you not feel badly about betraying your friend? Good friendships are based on honesty and good friends never let a partner come between them. Either you or your friend should change partners, maybe both. Good luck.

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