I am a male in my mid-thirties. Even though I crossdress, I am straight. I used to be bi-curious but, a few weeks ago, I made a huge mistake. I finally worked up the courage to try it out and arranged on the internet to meet a complete stranger at a nearby hotel for gay sex. After the most appalling night of my life, I was definitely rid of my bi-curious fantasies. Unfortunately, unknown to me, he had hidden a camera in the room and filmed the whole thing. He tracked me down and showed me a couple of excerpts of the movie – one with me stripping down to my bra, girdle and stockings, and another with us having intercourse. He now wants me to continue having a sexual relationship with him or he’ll put the movie on the internet and make sure people at my workplace find out where to access it. So from now on I’ll be spending two or three nights a week at his place, starting tonight. I don’t see I have any choice.

8 thoughts on “Blackmail

  1. Sounds to me like you’re looking forward to it. Nothing more intense than being coerced to do something ‘bad’, that you actually like.

    1. and of what use would that possibly be?? if he threatens to kill him, he’s a) committing a crime and b) not getting rid of his problem. this advice is not smart at all.

  2. Yes I agree you should go to the police dont let that loser control you. I’m sorry about what happened to you, I hope you get the police involved and they work things out for you

  3. Please, listen to what Delilah is saying. Go to the police and have him arrested. The harm has already been caused so don’t feel shy about it. Don’t be his puppet. Pay him back. Go to the police. He may do it to another person who is also weak. Maybe it’s time for him to reap what he’s sowed all these years. Go go go to the police, please.

  4. You have every right to call the police. It’s illegal to film people in sex acts without their permission. It might be embarrassing, but being alone with a person like this could very well prove to be dangerous.

  5. Dear Friend,

    Don’t allow this loser to control you. Let him do whatever he wants with the vid and you move on with your life. Who does he really know who knows you anyway? In the future, you may want to be more careful about your involvements.
    Take care now.

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