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When my friend and I were in the 7th grade we met this guy in the 8th grade had us to meet his cousins who were 16 at the time. They took our virginity’s and made us believe they really had love for us and we believed every ounce of it. Now that I am older I am 18 and have a 3 year old by one of the dead beats, I realize that it was all lies and we were basically deceived. We were young and dumb and they loved it. They manipulated us and I feel so stupid for letting it happened.

My abortion

I had an abortion when I was 20. My family knows but my exhusband asked me to never tell his family. Mind you, he pushed for it (and didn’t help pay for it) but he said it was “kill” his mom if she knew.

It was one of the worst experiences of my life. This was many years ago and google didn’t exist. I didn’t know that private insurance would pay for it and instead paid out of pocket. I didn’t know that different states had different regulations. I didn’t think to ask if I’d be sedated or given anything for pain-I had just assumed I would be.

You see, the medical equivelent of an abortion is called a D&C or a D&E and they most definately sedate you or give you some form of anesthetic with that. The clinic I went to only gave me ibuprofen. Ibuprofen. I was in so much pain that I was unable to walk the next day because I had pulled the muscles in my legs so bad.

I later was quite rude to another doctor because I thought he looked like the abortion doctor. When I verbalized how much it hurt just to get the speculum inserted (no lube, thanks for that guy) the doctor was quite rude. No compassion. The nurses were much better.

I threw up on the ride home.

Years later, I still had trouble dealing with the horror of it. I tried to talk to the then husband about it-because they say talking helps. Then the exhusband said to me, “I like to pretend it never happened.” I can’t pretend it never happened. I couldn’t even watch the one south park episode about them without getting physically ill. That’s great you can forget about it but I never can.

I was even on the pill at the time.


The other night I got blackout drunk and apparently almost went home with a man in a cab. I am engaged and am now wracked with guilt. I am never drinking without my fiancé around, ever again.

Hit and Run

I hit a guy on his Motorcycle couple nights ago really bad i went to my house hide my car next morning i drove to my friend car repair shop and fix it. i look on the rear mirror that night and saw him kinda standing but i got the feeling someone else was on the backside of the motorcycle with him :/

I want to be a dad

I’m 17 year old punk. For the past year, I’ve been feeling like I’m ready to be a parent. I’m already looked down on for my choice in music and my lifestyle. I know I’d be looked down upon even more for this decision to have a child, but I just feel ready. This last weekend, my ex girlfriend called me and told me that she’d had a miscarriage that had been from when we were together. I’ve been depressed to the point of suicide ever since. I feel bad, but I wish she hadn’t had the miscarriage and that I could have had a child.


I cant even kiss my boyfriend, let alone be sexual with him. Molest has ruined me. I will NEVER full recover from those events. I wish I was strong enough to let go a little bit, but i can’t. I feel like a disappointment and that i’ll never be good enough for anyone.


I regret that I ever left my wife. I had someone influence me on my decision. Which was wrong and now she has f… up, and I don’t even like seeing her face. I know that I love my wife and want to be with her, I am just not sure how to do it. I have spent a lot a money since this happened. Really being stupid and I know she doesn’t have any. That makes me feel like an ass. She is always supporting and probably would do about anything. I know that she has changed. I haven’t told her but I really like it. I need to go home to her with my tail between my legs. I want to make Love to her all day long when I get bak.

great white buffalo

when i was 19 i dated a girl that rocked my world. she was beautiful and kind hearted. we dated for two years on and off because of issues and me cheating on her (kissed other girls). she was also the girl i lost my virginity to. when it ended and it was officially over, i tried really hard to get her back but she made up her mind. i stalked her for a month before i finally gave up. I knew that she had become a different person and did not love me like she used to. this was 7 years ago. I still think about her to this day. I always regret cheating and going behind her back. I wish that i could have saved the relationship. Because of her, it is hard for me to stay in a relationship, much less let myself get emotionally attached again. It is rude to admit, but none of the girls that i have dated to this day has helped me to truly get over her. If i could, in anyway, I would give up everything i have to be with her again.

I feel half leaving towards end of my life

Yeah I am sixtyplus.But the lust and fire within me is as before.I had sex with more than onehundred,incest,gay,pros all types.I lost my wife at a young age again remarried.But the thought of sex always covers me and I do all type of nuisance.Alwaays emptiness and lonliness,anxiety fear follows me.I feel verymuch guilty as I have disgraced many relations.As I can not disclose to any body I cry many times.

Dont know why I did it

I lost my virginity to a prostitute.

I hate being a mom

I hate being a mom. I hate everything about it. I cried a whole day when i found out i was pregnant. I hated moving away from everyone and everything i knew because my stupid boyfriend lived 2 hours away. I hated all the nausea and pain. I hate that my boyfriends a selfish asshole who always left me home alone all the time and got mad when i asked to spend time with him. I hate that even now im the only person he never sets aside time for. I hate that i dont have any time to myself. I dont even feel like my daughter is mine. I dont feel motherly. I dont care when she cries. I hate playing peekaboo. I hate kids. I have having to do everything for someone else. I hate that my depression is so bad that i dont even care about myself anymore. I dont eat. I dont sleep. I dont want to talk. I hate that even if i try and make friends they still treat me like shit. I hate that no one cares that im depressed. Half the time i wish someone would just kill me because im too scared to do it myself. I worry so much i dont even notice im doing it. I just want to lay in bed and sleep forever. I hate that i can have a panic attack infront of my boyfriend and all he does is pack another bowl. I hate everything about my life

I’m the father of an unborn child

I hate myself for this, me and my wife really wanted to have a baby but we are unable to finance all the spends related, so we had an abortion, now I feel terrible, it’s a decision I regret everyday and every night, it’s taking away my sleep and tranquility.

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