my friend likes my ex boyfriend and a while ago he said he wanted to be “closer” again. when we were together she didn’t know and she doesn’t know now that we’re hooking up behind her back. I don’t feel good about what I’ve done I just miss the thrill with him. I’ve tried explaining how I use to feel about him but she just … Continue reading cheater


last night i met a man, he’s quiet powerful man and has roots in govt as well, he was drinking in the car and it is not allowed to drink here, he kissed me and i got the taste of alcohol for the first time and now i feel that i’m done with my religion, it shouldn’t have happened.. whyyy i met him :'( :'( … Continue reading Guilty


hi everyone. I am so scared that I want to confess it here. I want to cut the whole story and tell you a summary. I used the 14k money that isn’t mine. I spend it all. To think that money was the payment for my dormitory. I know I did bad. My father found out and he is super mad. What do I do? … Continue reading MoneyUser

I put super glue in my neighbor’s driver’s side lock…

Let’s just say that the “relationship” with the downstairs neighbors has been tense quite a bit, and after the last time dealing with them disturbing my peace and the resulting pounding on my door by the male that lives there, I wanted to be able to mete out vigilante justice. Now I feel kind of bad, an dam hoping to be able to remove the … Continue reading I put super glue in my neighbor’s driver’s side lock…