I’m currently lying to two people. My fiancĂ© and someone that started off as a friend and has since pushed into different relationship. My friend has no idea I’m engaged and my fiancĂ© has no idea that my friend could be something more. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place, I don’t want to keep lying but I don’t want to lose my … Continue reading Liar

I’m lonely

I already tried writing a confession, it took me around 45 minutes, i opened up my full heart and yet i deleted it. The last words were – “Ignore this, you still cannot help me”. 10 minutes passed and i couldn’t hold it. I wont share all of that again, it is too much pain to go through again. I just really want to say … Continue reading I’m lonely


Been with the same girl for 8yrs And I have been unhappy for 8yrs I don’t want to leave her because I’m afraid it will break her. But I want more, I am sometimes disgusted with her physical appearance. And she annoys me all the time. Why can’t I leave her???? I sometimes feel like a piece of shit when I think about it I … Continue reading Love?


My brother died a few months ago, and even though I really want to talk about him and how his death is affecting me, every time I bring him up my friends look really uncomfortable or they change the subject, and that really deeply hurts me. As a result, I’ve started drifting from these friends but now I feel cut off and emotionally isolated. I’ve … Continue reading Grief

I wish I didn’t hate my dad, but…

My father has cancer, lung cancer from smoking his entire life. He was being treated, going under chemotherapy and responding so well his doctor was talking about cure instead of remission. But how does he celebrate the news? He starts smoking again. The most infuriating thing is how he thinks he’s hiding it from the whole family, even though he’s been caught in the act … Continue reading I wish I didn’t hate my dad, but…

Always alone

I have always been an introvert, always which has made meeting “someone” difficult…in fact most of my friendships/relationships have been online…but I often feel like I will be alone forever. I often feel that as a woman at 24 years old my biological clock is ticking away quickly, so I feel all this extra pressure to find “the one” I want to start a family … Continue reading Always alone