7 thoughts on “Single for life

  1. Noone can tell wt u will do it will be good or bad for u. U r the only one person who will decide wt is right and wt is wrong for u . Listen to ur heart and find a perfect partner for ur life who will not leave u in any condition thats it from my side sorry

  2. I may be three years younger, but I’m in the same position as you. I relate. All my peers are dating or have boyfriends and I’m here just chilling. To be honest, being alone romantically isn’t concern for me, being alone period is an issue. And I’m sure there is a part of you that knows that it is extremely possible for someone to love you, even if it isn’t romantic. You will be loved, you just need hope for yourself. Even if you’re in your sixties, you can be loved by even a stranger. Life is complicated like that, so the best thing to do is have faith for your future moments with others.

  3. Why not read a bit about how to put yourself into the dating scene?
    Maybe you’re either not ready for a relationship or something else. Have you considered getting counseling in order to explore this further? You’re young and have a whole life ahead. Be patient with and kind to yourself. In time things will improve for you.

  4. Loneliness is the fear of all humans.

    You may feel alone but I just want you to know that there are people that haven’t dated and haven’t kissed.

    My dear you are not alone and sometimes love comes unexpected.

    You should not be focusing on your love life, rather just focus on yourself. Find ways to make those dreams and ambitions that I know you have come true.

    You are 23, a baby in the eyes of some people. And you have so much more things to experience, you have only this life my dear. Do make it count!

  5. U have ur own freedom and space.. the turnouts of relationship are much disgusting…. Stay happy live ur life to fullest…no one is going to be dying alone … Instead of having someone’s use and throw object it’s damn perfect in living single. Wait for the right person…when there is a will there is. A way..😊

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