school girl

I really am in love with this girl. She’s amazingly beautiful, and some of the things she does in bed are…amazing to say the least. The one thing is that I never cum. Her room mate gets back sooner than expected, or it’s too late. She says she wants to have sex, that she trusts me. She keeps saying that since she hasn’t had sex in a while, it would hurt. I’m being extremely patient. I just want a blowjob or something. Just so I don’t have to keep using J.I.L.L all the time. Foreplay lasts forever, and it never goes anywhere. She wears this little school girl mini skirt when she’s been hinting all day at having sex that night. Then when the time roles around…nothing. She goes to sleep. The feeling I get when her skin presses against mine is unbelievable. I do love her, I just want some kind of physical interaction more than a kiss and a hug. I feel like a horrible person.

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  1. O.k. here is what you should do: Keep trying to get her clothes off but don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Normally if a woman wants to sleep with you she will tell you. Period. If you think that this could be a serious relationship then keep trying. But it sounds to me like sex is your priority and so therefore you have to make that clear with yourself. Try to bed other women in the meantime. That way if this chick doesn’t put out you haven’t invested all of your emotional energy on her. Try to sleep with older women. They are much more forward and comfortable at making their needs understood. This particular girl is either very inexperienced or just playing you. The important thing is that you get laid, so if she isn’t going to be your wife… keep trying to get her panties off but play the field at the same time. Women have dirty minds too, and some much more so then men. You’ve gotten to the point where you are in the “nice guy” or “friend” category and so it may be impossible to appeal to her carnal insticts. Don’t make an ultimatum. Just be cool and wait for the right moment… be sensitive if that is the way that you are but maybe at the right time put her hand on your crotch. Let her touch you. Show it to her if things progress. If that doesn’t work then move on. Find a 40 year old horney lady who won’t tease you. Good luck.

  2. She is using you for her own benefits. braek it off with her and tell her why if she still doesn’t want to then you know it is true.

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