Not married to my best friend

I am jealous of the couples who say they married their best friend, because I am married, and he is not my best friend. My best friend is a guy, and I love him, but he doesn’t want me romantically – and yet, would sleep with me at the drop of a hat. I don’t know how I will ever not compare other men to him always and fear I will never really find happiness.

3 thoughts on “Not married to my best friend

  1. No one has to have a mate who is a best friend to be happy. Most people however are happy with mates who love and respect them, and whom they have good understanding and commonalities with. No need to stress about this.

  2. I would not be jealous love. People realistically never marry or hookup with best friends. More or less emphasising they get along with their spouse.

    If you’re in love with your male best friend, do the right thing by your hubby and leave him. Give him some dignity and an opportunity to start fresh again maybe with someone who likes him and then you can try to form a relationship with your bestie.

    Why did you marry hubby?

    1. More like the better question here is : why do you reply with words advocating divorce when you don’t have a clue to any or all details regarding a stranger’s marriage?? Then to underline your irrelevance, you butcher the language with words not in the dictionary. ‘Bestie’ ?? Good advice for you would be to get sober prior to relying in this forum.

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