I am currently in a relationship of almost 5 years and I am in love with someone else and I don’t know how to tell her or break up with her. Oh and also I’m pretty sure the other girl I am in love with doesn’t even know that I exist.

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  1. Tell the one you love how you feel. How do you know she doesn’t like you back? Maybe she’s been keeping it a secret because she knows you’re in a long term relationship and she doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable if her feelings aren’t returned. Also, tell your GF. If you’re in love with someone else, it’s time to move on.

  2. I understand why this is a difficult decision, but there’s only two ways of solving it. Both are difficult.
    One: break up with her, tell her the truth, make her feel pain, feel guilty, and keep loving a woman who you might never find the wits to talk to since she was the one who caused all this.
    Two: tell your girlfriend the truth, talk everything out until you both come to an agreement, talk to the woman you love and tell her the truth as well, then move on.
    The sad reality of this is the same pain and regret are in both options, it’s just that the second makes people see the truth, and the first makes people crazy on why they have been trying to be so honest to end up with their hearts broken in the end.
    Your choice.

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