Little too late

I’m sixteen and have had a boyfriend for over a year but lately I’ve been thinking things I shouldn’t be. When I was thirteen I dated my best friend who’s a girl and I got scared and broke up with her now years later we are still best friends but I believe I’ve fallen in love with her and I’m scared because I love my boyfriend I don’t understand why girls pretend to be bisexual for attention it’s confusing and frustrating

One thought on “Little too late

  1. Have you discussed any of this with your parents and are they aware of your feelings? Ask them what you should do in this case. Sexual orientation often isn’t 100% fixed in any particular direction and it is possible to love anyone regardless of sexual attraction.
    Once you’ve spoken to your parents,a school guidance counseor or therapist, allow yourself some time away from dating until you decide more about what you want. Young people often think they have to be dating or something is wrong with them. That just isn’t true. You are fine and will be even better if you just give yourself a break. Take care and try to get started on this soon.

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