Lawful vs. Love

I’m 17 in two weeks. My older cousins best friend is 24. We’ve been friends for a long time now, and I’m completely in love with him. He feels similarly about me, and it kills him that he feels that way, but he does. We can’t be together, or act on this. It’s illegal for him to kiss me, and I can’t even hold his hand. We practically have to ignore our feelings, even though I’ll be 18 in a year. It breaks my heart.

4 thoughts on “Lawful vs. Love

  1. newsflash your hormones wont be less raging at eighteen either. just let them rage. sometimes the build up is the best part and if they matter they will wait and not pressure but if they’re just playin games because from your naive viewpoint they look amazing whereas girls their age see what’s real then he won’t likely wait around. enjoy the flirtary and see what his intentions are!

  2. 17 is a very fluffy age. I mean no disrespect, but it is. As humans we are all science. True, our spirits feel love, but our body’s feel science. At 17 your hormones are raging and your emotions are unstable. Yes you probably love this kid, but chances are you’re in no way mature enough to handle what a relationship is like these days. You deserve to live a life full of love and surprises, so settle your hormones now before you trap yourself into something ridiculous. This boy.. I’m sorry but I bet you this kid knows better than to settle down seriously. Look, one thing you will learn with time is that people have agenda’s. Even if they don’t talk about them openly, they always have agenda’s. You have no idea what his agenda is in life. You have no idea what kind of person he is at the core. If I were you I’d worry about college. Worry about yourself.

  3. Hi Clover,

    Most states allow the rules to bend if you get your parents’ permission to date an adult. Check out what your state law is. You might consider also that you are very young to be so in love anyway. Your whole life is in front of you. If you can’t have this fella, surely others will come along whom you can fall in love with. What about considering someone who is a teen also? Hope this works out for you. Take care.

  4. you are 17 & in love? with a 24 yr old man? there is something wrong with him if he is attracted to you. and if you could be together, you’d outgrow him in about 2 years max. my best friend was 16 & sleeping with a 23 year old man & she got pregnant. they married and ended up divorced in about 3 years. do not be a fool. go out with guys your own age and have lots of fun before you settle down. for good’s sake – do not get pregnant you’ll ruin your whole life.

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