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  1. Dear friend,
    i’ve felt the exact same thing.That im stuck in world where none understand and love me.Trust me I know that it’s hard,but try to force yourself to meet new people and to rebuild old relationships.Just think about person that you really like,that is close to you and text/call him/her or take them out.To be loved you have to love first.Try to reduce thoughts about things that you dislike and let the happy thoughts be more frequent.And when being more around people that you know wont help try just to move somewhere else.Change can be hard and exhausting but it will clean your soul and give you a new start.You can became basically anyone you want.And just think about how many people are in the world.There must be someone,somewhere, who feels the same and waits for moment to meet you.
    Good luck

  2. Dear Friend,
    It must be hard feeling as if no one loves you. This however may not be the case. It is likely that someone cares for you but maybe not realize it or their love for you is not the kind of love that you want. All the same, life goes on and you too can and will find love. Love takes time. Get into counseling and learn to allow more of it into your life. Be well now.

  3. It is good to think about dying as we will ALL DIE ONE DAY. What loving things are you doing for yourself? For others? If you want to be loved, be LOVEABLE.

  4. Coming from someone who tried suicide at 13 and thought about doing it again at the age of 16 trust me it’s not worth it. Think about the people you love and think how heartbreakon they will feel yeah you might feel unloved most of time I do too I was verbally abused since I was in Middle School which later on turned to Mental abuse I realize that I couldn’t stop people from talking bad about me so I either had to overcome what they said or laugh and join in (if it was only jokes) once you learn to not take things to heart it will take away some stress out your life. Another way I got over my suicidal thoughts is I found hobbies I’m good at and whenever I felt unloved I turned to them one is music I’m a(n) African American female who likes the band Paramore (yes people look at me weird when I tell them) their music makes me feel like flipping tables it let’s me feel rage but calms me at the same time. There’s a site I used like 2 years ago it’s called 7 Cups Of Tea its also an app you can be anonymous and talk to people on how you feel or you can help others. One last thing there’s something you should listen to a song by a female rapper called Angel Haze it’s called “Angels In The Airwaves” it helps more than you know here’s the 4th verse:
    For when you feel so invisible you’re not even sure you exist
    So you cut yourself open just to see if you real
    You numb yourself with drugs just to hide what you feel
    You drink the washed up pain in hopes of rejecting it afterwards
    You live everyday wishing you could rewind your life backwards
    Because you wanna figure out where the f*** you went wrong
    Cause everything in your world ain’t been right for so long
    I know how it feels
    So this is for you
    If you’re thinking it now
    If you’re wanting to die
    If you’re thinking it out
    You are so much more than you are in this moment
    You never know how great you can be
    Don’t give up on you
    I didn’t give up on me.
    Sorry for the long paragraph but it does get better I made it to the age of 24 and still need work love yourself and embrace who you are.

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