I miss you

It’s been four months since I broke up with you but honestly I really regret it. I’d never tell you because you’re happier now but I really did love you and I miss you dearly. Seeing you with her and hearing what you said about me hurt me more than I admitted and I hurt you in order to deal with my emotional pain. You truly cared for me and made me feel so special and I hate that I took that for granted and let it all go away so easy.

6 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. We met at a public place where my friends gave him my number. We talked and fell in love. I loved him more than anything and i always will. The problem was that his father had left him when he was a child and he’s always afraid of losing someone, he was afraid of losing me if we ever broke up. And so i broke up with him because i felt like he was doubting what we had, and now i miss him more than anything in this world. I hurt him so much with my words that i don’t think he wants me back. I’m tired of thinking about him. The moment i feel better i remind myself of the fact that i will remember him forever. He is everything to me, he is a part of me. He owns my heart and i can never fall in love with anyone like i fell in love with him. I don’t think he misses me or that he even thinks about me once in a while. But for all i know, i want him back. I want him there. I miss his voice, his smell, his hugs, the way we kissed, literally everything about him. I will always love him, and i dream of the moment he’ll take me in his arms again. I wish we could start over and just fall in love all over again. He was the first guy i ever fell in love with and i’ll never forget our days spent together. I want to tell him the i miss him but i know i can’t. I need him. I miss him. I love him.

    1. Go to him, dear. Just confess and go. Go wherever your heart tells you to. Love isn’t common these days, so take a risk and go to him. I believe in you.

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