I love my stepfather

I have grown up spending summers with my dad and the rest of the year with my stepfather and mother. I call my stepfather Dad and feel closer to him than I do with my real dad who is a drunk and a loser. I know I call him dad and he acts like a dad but I don’t understand why I love him like a person loves someone they love, not like a dad. Sometimes I think I wish my mom would leave and then I would be with him and he would want me to be like his wife then. I’m 21 now and still live at home. He has been my dad since I was 8 and I love him so much, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! when I hug him, I want to kiss him and go crazy but I don’t. I want to really touch him, but I don’t, I don’t feel closer to anyone but him! I want him to look at me like he loves me, but he looks at me like a dad would. Sometimes I hate my mom and am jealous of her. He understands me, no one understands me the way he does, I could be with him forever and be totally happy. I want to lean on him and watch movies every day. I want to bring him his coffee. I want to hear his ideas and have him read to me from his books of poetry. I want to be 10 again and have him teach me to swim, or take me to the father daughter dance again. I want him to look at me as a woman, not a daughter, and appreciate who I could be to him. I’m crazy assed in love with him!!!!!!!! I wear his sweatshirts and take his things so I can have something of his with me all the time. He says I’m beautiful, but the way a Dad would say it to his real daughter. Why can’t he have a moment of weakness and just love me back the same way!!!! WHY is it WRONG?!!!! I want him to burn for me! I feel like I could explode and just tell him everything I feel, would that ruin what we have? Would my mom hate me forever? I never want to move out, I never want to leave

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  1. Kaydannys says:

    I don’t want to sound cruel but what it goes around comes around :(, you can feelings for anybody, big feelings, strong feelings, but if you avoid the situation, it goes away, I know that…

  2. mncube says:

    just tell him how you feel no use him not knowing ! try to understand his response be it positive or negative then take it from there.I have a step daughter and i know how you feel