I love my stepfather

I have grown up spending summers with my dad and the rest of the year with my stepfather and mother. I call my stepfather Dad and feel closer to him than I do with my real dad who is a drunk and a loser. I know I call him dad and he acts like a dad but I don’t understand why I love him like a person loves someone they love, not like a dad. Sometimes I think I wish my mom would leave and then I would be with him and he would want me to be like his wife then. I’m 21 now and still live at home. He has been my dad since I was 8 and I love him so much, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! when I hug him, I want to kiss him and go crazy but I don’t. I want to really touch him, but I don’t, I don’t feel closer to anyone but him! I want him to look at me like he loves me, but he looks at me like a dad would. Sometimes I hate my mom and am jealous of her. He understands me, no one understands me the way he does, I could be with him forever and be totally happy. I want to lean on him and watch movies every day. I want to bring him his coffee. I want to hear his ideas and have him read to me from his books of poetry. I want to be 10 again and have him teach me to swim, or take me to the father daughter dance again. I want him to look at me as a woman, not a daughter, and appreciate who I could be to him. I’m crazy assed in love with him!!!!!!!! I wear his sweatshirts and take his things so I can have something of his with me all the time. He says I’m beautiful, but the way a Dad would say it to his real daughter. Why can’t he have a moment of weakness and just love me back the same way!!!! WHY is it WRONG?!!!! I want him to burn for me! I feel like I could explode and just tell him everything I feel, would that ruin what we have? Would my mom hate me forever? I never want to move out, I never want to leave

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  1. I don’t want to sound cruel but what it goes around comes around :(, you can feelings for anybody, big feelings, strong feelings, but if you avoid the situation, it goes away, I know that…

  2. just tell him how you feel no use him not knowing ! try to understand his response be it positive or negative then take it from there.I have a step daughter and i know how you feel

  3. I know how you feel When my step daughter came into my life at the age of 12 we did not get along at all she hated me then one weekend night when me and my wife were getting ready to walk out the door to go out she stopped me and told me to go back into my bedroom and sit down at the bath room counter she did not know it till then that I was a crossdresser and was going out to a club . she told me you are not going out looking like that and took off all my make up and started to re-do it when she was done she said ok now your ready to go she had done a GREAT job and I loved how it looked we started going out to the clubs together about 2 weeks later she loved it because I would go shopping and buy her sexy outfits and she would give me her advice and support we no longer hated each other as a matter a fact we became much closer and have a very close relationship not at all like a step daughter step dad type we have a special type of relationship we can and do tell each other everything and I mean EVERYTHING even flirt with each other .. One night when we went to the beach we played around a little and one the way home I brought up the fact that i would like to take it one step more having sex and she was open to it and would like to one day well after 6 years of us going out and all we did go out to a friends place when out to a club and on the way home we started playing and one thing lead to another and we ended up at a motel and had a GREAT time together we have got together and played around 4-5 times now and yes my wife does know we have a open marriage surprisingly that was the only way we were going to get along we are just as close now and never have regretted none of the things we have done and we still go out from time to time ..

    1. Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy disturbing, and honestly has nothing to do with the actual post. Her step dad sees her as a daughter, unlike you see her as another **** body. You wrong and you know it.

  4. The same thing is happening to me ! Growing up my mother was a losey mother and wife to him. When I was 7 she had my half brother who I raised and when i was 15 she had my half sister, who I also raised. my mother was a very lazy person who doesn’t give a crap about anyone but herself. I got stuck cleaning the house and like I said raising both kids plus going to school and trying to live a normal life. She met my step dad when I was 4 so he’s been around for a long time. He is a mechanic so he always had aching muscles and I would be the one rubbing them out and helping him. My mother did nothing all she did was take him for all his money that he made she took him for granted as she did me. So over the years it’s just me and him doing everything for the kids and it was him going to work to make the money . I finally realize that I was in love with him. But I didn’t want anybody to know I never wanted to hang out with any boys I never wanted to have a boyfriend it was him who I always wanted to be around. (It will be two years)July 5 we was watching the fireworks it was me and him sitting down at the lake watching the fireworks and there was a guy who i happened to just be friends with my brother called him and he came down and sat with me and my stepdad he put his arm around me and my stepdad flipped he started getting up screaming and it was really embarrassing but to find out my stepdad had the same feelings for me as I did him. So we talked about it and We finally we got the balls enough to leave my mother my brother left with us we got a house. after four months of not seeing my sister who is a attached at my hip he finally got full custody of her. My mother kept her from us because she knew it would hurt us. My mother now knows about us and we are letting friends know it’s hard for me to not tell anyone to not post pictures on Facebook to not share my feelings with my friends. People have judged me i’ve lost a couple friends as he did too but things are starting to come together. And I am extremely happy and so is he so losing all those people just means in reality they weren’t going to be there for me anyway. he recently proposed to me we are engaged he’s not fully divorced from my mother yet but he will be soon. Sometimes if you give it time your dreams could come true.

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