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  1. Very, very, sad situation that happens to two people in love. You don’t know what you had until it’s gone. It’s happened to many couples. Influence from outsiders make decisions for you…because of what is important to them and how it looks to people that they think might frown on it. Forget that two people are in love…how is this going to make us look! So, you cave in and 30 years later look back at the wreckage that is your life. But it’s too late.

    1. You weren’t there for each other when you needed each other mostly because of stress and a breakdown in communication…that’s crucial in any relationship…husband/wife, parent/child, co-workers, everyone! Give it another shot if you want to mend fences. You both obviously care for one another.

  2. If you still love your ex that much tell her! She’s not a mind reader. If there is bad communication between the two of you the relationship is over.

    1. You must tell her. Maybe she feels the same way. And if she doesn’t at least you open up the possibility she does still care…if you just close the door it’s over for certain, you have to take a chance for something that is worthwhile.

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