I’m sleeping with a married woman frequently, mostly in the backseat of my truck .
She hates her husband but stays because they have children in elementary and middle/ high school.
What’s unexplainable is I sincerely love her and she loves me too.

5 thoughts on “Adultery

  1. u don’t love her. u love the experiences and the fact that she is accepting of ur fondness for it with her. she is loving the opportunities to pretend to be someone else for a little while cause her life is boring and difficult and ur more easy and entertaining than dealing with the reality of life not being as easy as she previously expected it to be when she was without responsibilities and duties

  2. I’ve mostly read about women saying that they fell in love with the man they were having an affair with, whereas for the latter, it was just about sex. Your story really touched my heart… I must admit that it’s the first time that I’m reading such a confession… that lady is really lucky to have you in her life. Your situation is quite complicated… if she is not happy with her husband, she should definitely reconsider her situation… think with a cool mind. If she’s not happy with her husband, this means that their marital life is already in trouble and it will eventually affect her children also. Try as much as we can, certain things do not remain hidden for long. I’m sure her children must have noticed something is not normal. You should seriously have a talk with her… not push her or anything… but try to explain things lovingly to her… how the unease between her husband and her will affect their children and in the long run no one will be happy. She will have to take a decision. If you really love her and she reciprocates your feelings, then she could separate from her husband and you could be together. Of course there will be a mess. Initially, there will be some clashes, but gradually, things will cool down. You’ll find the solution. But, it would be really unfair if she continues to lead this double life. Unfair to her husband, unfair to her children… and unfair to you. She simply cannot go on like this… you too! Imagine what her children will go through when they learn about this affair… that their Mom did not love their Dad but was forced to remain in a toxic relationship because of them… because that’s what it is… a TOXIC relationship, which will destroy everyone… it may affect them negatively… they may be engulfed with guilt! So, talk it out with her. If she does not agree… then I’d advise you to leave her, break all contact with her and look for someone else… a single person who will have no issue… no obstacles to be with you. It will be difficult for you, but you will have to do yourself this favour, otherwise this will become too tacky!

  3. thats what we know as sexual immorality! God is very unhappy with both of you and he will punish you. you better not marry in your life because someone will frequently sleep with your wife in your own bed. lol! wat goes around comes around.

  4. As a husband that has a side girlfriend I can tell you she will never leave. I love my girlfriend, but the security and easiness of just staying outweighs the excitement of leaving and starting a new relationship. She is telling you her relationship is worse with her husband than it actually is, believe me, I do it too. im not proud of myself or happy I’m doing this. I’m just telling you from the other side, you need to move on. If in some crazy universe she decided to leave in be with you (never gonna happen) she will cheat on you just like she is doing with you. It’s all about the sneakiness and fun. She doesn’t want to be with you full time. Sorry

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