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My Crush

My crush told me that it’s difficult not to look at me. He told me that I’m the cutest person he’s ever met. He told me that he feels wrong for having these feelings, but he can’t help it. I admitted that I feel the same way. He’s married, I’m in a long term relationship. Regardless, it made my day and I can’t stop smiling.

My secret thoughts

I fell in love with a guy, we had the perfect love story for a year, our marriage was planned for the next months, everything was good until he went bankrupt and had to leave the country (we both live in dubai) he is from pakistan i am from Morocco, I gave him my all, loved him with all my soul and after he left i solved his problem by taking back his bounced checks and saving his ass, meanwhile he decided he would never come back to dubai and left me here by myself, so here the problem started, i lost my mind, started inventing lies and problems so that he comes back, i even kissed one of my friends, who is in love with me, and started something with him, but at the same time i still call the pakistani guy, beg him, cry on the phone, then afterwards i go out with the yemeni guy and act as if all is good, when he kisses me i imagine the other guy.. i dont wanna say “my ex” because that hurts, for me we never broke up, for me everything will be okay, I go more further in the relationship with the yemeni guy, physically i mean.. some stuffs happened, we did not have sex as i am a virgin and would only give myself to the other guy.. I lied , I became a liar, I lie to the yemeni and tell him i never had anyone , and he wants to get married to me, I lie to my only love, and invent stories about me being sick, me being at the hospital, police station for problems that i invent, i feel trapped, i dont know what to do, i gave him all of me, he was my ONLY family and i lost it , sometimes i feel like ending it, like killing myself.. or like taking a plane and going to pakistan, but things are stopping me from doing it, for Pakistan my parents would kill me, they would be disappointed.. I am lost, I so want it to end, I secretly wish someone would just come and kill me.

Fake Online Dating Profile

I made a fake profile on a dating website with a photo of a random hot person. I’ve gotten hundreds of messages, but I never reply to any of them. I just read them and pretend they’re for me. =(

Broken Hearted Girl

Had a hopeless crush on this guy at school for about two years now. He knew that I liked him and led me on with mixed signals, but kept getting involved with several girls. I tried many times to just forget him but my heart refused to let go. Last night I found out that he possibly got his girlfriend (who’s cheated on him multiple times with a few guys at school and he KNEW, and was often depressed about it) pregnant. At first I was stunned and didn’t feel anything. Not long after, I felt a huge pang of hurt hit me. I’m just so angry and sad about the situation, but I guess it’s a wake up call to let go… Even the best thing in the world isn’t helping, and music usually helps heal my pain.

I love someone I can never have

I had an affair with a married man for a year and even though its over, I still love him so much and he will never be mine. He didn’t love me back and his behavior makes that clear. My heart aches everytime I think of him. Still.

Forbidden Love

Theres this guy in my school who i have a crush on but hes not gay… and i dont want to be gay… but i dream of him all the time…. what do i do

dying is beautiful

I want to watch someone stare at me as they try to breathe. I want them to panic, grasping and clawing desperately at everything around them. I want to listen to their pounding, panicked heart. I want them to fight for survival… And as they’re losing consciousness, I’ll let them breathe. I want to do this until they mentally break. I want them to worship me, and beg me to end their life. To separate them from their family and friends. I want them to leave their parents or children a note saying how their life’s purpose is to fall under the void of infinite rest. Today’s law enforcement can easily catch people, so I’d never act upon this. But in a no-man’s land, or abandoned island where government and laws don’t exist? I want to bring pain, suffering and blood to those that don’t deserve it. I want them to cry I’m agony and anguish, I want them to beg for death. I’d remove their eyes… And then their heart, and force them to swallow it.

Just saying. It’s a shame such pleasant thoughts will never happen.

I love you and love you too

I met a woman three months ago at this club not far from my home, Her mere presence twists me inside and out. I’ve seen her four times. Not on a formal date or anything, I asked her, but she kept being non-committal, but telling me to come back and visit her and we’ve kept in touch sporadically by e-mail.

The last time I saw her I whispered in her ear that I wanted to be her boyfriend. She told me to keep messaging her, you’re winning. Not sure what that meant exactly, but I didn’t ask.

I told her I was heading home for the night and we embraced and kinda pecked a few kisses at each other. She asked me to stay a little longer to come have a dance with her, I said I have to go and we hugged. She asked me on a dinner date for the next day and I said without thinking I already had plans. She told me to then come back and visit her next Friday. I said I’ll try, and embraced her. To my surprise she told me. I love you. Without thinking, I said I love you too and walked out.

We’ve messaged each other a couple times by e-mail but that moment hasn’t been mentioned. I don’t regret saying it and it felt good. I hope she doesn’t regret it either.

Future Husband

I fantasize and day dream (and over think) incredibly a lot . I fantasize about my future husband a lot, us on our honeymoon, us having sex, his smooth dark skin embracing me, and him just accepting me as I am . I am a virgin and I want to save myself for marriage as the last thing I give up in becoming one with my husband, and as a gift for loving me and being here till death do us part . I know I’ll love him so much, but I just get scared no one will want to marry me, ever .

I don’t care if I’m seen as childish for this, I just have all this love that I can’t just give out to anyone that comes along . So future husband out there, I love you so much.

A Hopelessly Complicated Situation

My best friend recently came out as pansexual. This was shortly after I fell in love with her. I’m a 17 year old guy and a senior in high school, so is she, minis the guy part of course. We’ve known each other for eight years and have become really good friends this year. I was afraid to tell her how I felt because I was worried it would ruin our friendship and I couldn’t stand that. She had a girlfriend for a while and that was hard to deal with but I found out from one of our mutual friends that she has feelings for me. A little while after her girlfriend dumped her I was going to tell her how I felt but then she started dating this other guy. I hate seeing her with him and I want to tell her how I feel but I’m just scared. Even though she has feelings for me I can’t tell her because I can’t accept that she would like me. I’m overweight and really awkward. But something just feels right between us. I really think we could work but I’m too afraid it would fail and at the moment so is she. Basically we both really like each other but were both too afraid to mess up this friendship that neither of us will do anything about it.

Girlfriend – I love her

She loves me and has never cheated on me or given me cause for thinking that she would, but I fear that she will eventually get tired of me and leave me for another, better guy. I feel that there are better guys out there for her, who can give her the life she deserves. But I love her so much and would do anything for her.

I recently read her journal, and in it she talked about how much she loved me – it was such a relief to read it although I felt quite guilty after. I watched gay porn a couple of times nearly a year ago, before I started going out with my girlfriend. I know I’m not gay (I’ve been straight my entire life), and I love my girlfriend, it was just out of curiosity. But I’m worried about what she’d think if she found out.

I feel like a horrible human being for these secrets that I have, and feel that if she knew the real me she would leave. I want to marry her but have feelings of fear due to the fact that divorce rates now are so high, and I feel like “Can this really last?”

Married and fell in love with another man

Yep. This is unexpected. I fell out of love with my husband after he cheated on me and was aggressive towards me. Therapy helped. I gave him another chance and still loved him.
But with the time I felt better. We are in a happy place now. He made it work and proved change.

And for the past weekes boom. It hit me. I fell in love with the guy I met more or less over work.

He is kind, smart and adorably sexy. We flirt and he makes me crazy with his looks.

No I didn’t do anything more than flirting. But I hope he would eventually.

And I don’t know how to deal with this. Unexpected. I hated my husband for cheating and ironically I hope for this guy to kiss me.

He doesn’t. He knows I am married.

And I am confused

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