Wrong Love

I am falling in love with a guy, and I am a guy. It’s hard to describe how I started to have this feeling towards him. It just happened and I hate myself for being so, because I knew I’m loving the wrong person since he’s straight. There’s no way to tell him the truth. If I knew I’ll be like this, I should’ve not … Continue reading Wrong Love

I’m sorry

I really do love him. He is a good man who I can be myself around, who I care for deeply. My brain likes to wander and entertain thoughts of you and me. But it’s not worth risking what I have. Maybe if we were younger, maybe if things were different. But they’re not. Maybe in another life. Continue reading I’m sorry


I’m 19M During my school I used to have a friend close we used to ride school daily.one day she proposed me,I am very small probably 8th standard at that age I don’t know what is love….I rejected her. But she didn’t at 10th stand she again expressed her love through her friends but I didn’t respond. In intermediate we both joined same college,we are … Continue reading Love


I think I’ve forgotten how to love. I can easily give myself away to someone and find it okay, because my heart’s not in it. But once someone tells me they care about me I feel a panic attack coming and I wanna run away and cry. It’s the exact thing that I look for, but I run away from it too. I’m too scared … Continue reading Forgot

Unrequited Love?

My boyfriend told me he can’t love me more than he has already loved those  before me. He said he doesn’t fall “head over heels” in love anymore…I love him with every ounce of my being. He tells me this after bearing my soul to him, after expressing how deeply in love I am with him. What hurts most is, he told me in such … Continue reading Unrequited Love?