why am i feeling like this? (any advice)

me and my best friend have been best friends for a really long time. we’ve been through so much and we accept each other for who we are and all the mistakes we have made. recently she has made some friends over instagram and they’re like really close and i sometimes cant help feeling left out and jealous and worried that if she ever mets these people in real life that me and her might drift. i understand that she is allowed to have to own friends as am i but the difference is she can make friends easily, she’s likeable, and funny, sweet and kind where as i am shy, annoying and can come of as a bitch sometimes. my best friend came out to me a while ago and i have no problem with it but i can’t stop thinking that if i this jealous of her making new friends who will i feel when she finds a girlfriend i mean i know that I’m straight but I’m afraid of losing her because she is my other half and i know that if she and i are so close then a person wouldn’t get between us but my jealousy almost ruined our friendship a few years ago, i just really don’t know what to do or how to stop feeling this way. I’m afraid to talk to her about it incase I’m over reacting or incase she just decided thats I’m to annoying and that her other friends are less dramatic than i am or if she just needs a break from our friendship I’m afraid it will never be the same again. i can’t loose another friend, I’ve lost to many!! i really don’t no what to do – is there something wrong with me??

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  1. You sound like a girl I know. She used to be jealous and possessive as a friend. She didn’t have much of a personal life of her own. She barely dated. She was sexually frustrated and just unfulfilled. You seem to be experiencing the same things. You need to live a life of your own. Start to date and explore. People are not objects. You don’t own them or expect them to function in the matter you wish. You seem annoying and overbearing. Do you have a lesbian crush on your friend? You need a break from her.

  2. Dear Friend,

    There isn’t anything wrong with you but you seem to be focusing too much on whether your friend will continue to be friends with you. True friendship is based on trust, respect and honesty. So, make yourself tell your friend exactly how you feel so that she can understand you and put your fears at rest. When you decide to counseling would likely also be a good use of your time so that you can boost your self esteem and stop questioning yourself. Take care and stop worrying about your friend. If she is a real friend, she will remain so.

  3. Hun, your gonna find in life that this happens. Friends drift away, they come back they leave again then they come back. It happens. Its normal to be jealous God knows it has happened to me. I just had an argument with my friend because she wants to get together. But its been so cold I don’t feel like travelling to her house and its expensive every time I go there. WE have been friends for over 40 years. We have drifted apart many times but always land up being friends again. Its part of the growing up process. There will be other friends I promise. As for her sexuality it really is her own personal business. Goodluck to you and take this in stride. Find some fun and interesting things to do without her. She will be back.

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