What happend to me?

I have been talking to this guy recently and got really close. I told him I really liked him; and he said he might feel the same. I logged on to facebook today to see: “…is in a relationship with…”
I stared at it; angry, jelous and sad for a while.
This girl hates me, i don’t like her.
Why is life so unfair.

5 thoughts on “What happend to me?

  1. I haven’t experienced this kind of situation , but something a little bit similar. I had a guy I liked very much and I depended on him for everything. I told him that I hated goodbyes and being left alone then he said: I’ll never leave your side. After we got into High school. He completely changed and ignored me. I don’t know if it’s the same pain, but it did hurt. A person who says one thing but does another is nothing more than just trash to me. But you can’t help yourself from liking him. Love hurts and its never easy. You can take the initiative and fight for him if you think it’s worth it. But that isn’t my decision. I hope it works out for you.

  2. life is unfair? your sitting in your middle class house that you probably live in with your parents who are paying for everything while there are people out there who live like animals and die of diseases that we cured hundreds of years ago. your complaining because you sat down at your expensive computer, got on your high speed internet, checked your social networking site that you have time to update multiple times a day because you dont have to to work for a living, and saw that some other ho is dating some guy who WAS NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND? im sorry. you really have it rough.

    1. Excuse me ?
      You don’t know me, what I do, or what I’ve been through.
      I see some points in that, but you have no right to say anything you just did. Thanks.

  3. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better with each day. These things happen because we are meant to learn something from them. Nothing worse than seeing a woman you can;’t stand taking the guy of your dreams away from you. So what is the lesson here? I think maybe it’s to get strong and learn how to love yourself even when enemies seem to win. (And they sometimes do) It will make you stronger, I promise xxx

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