should i be jealous?

i’ve been in a relationship for about ten months. my boyfriend has a lot of friends that are girls. some are ex girlfriends, some are friends that have always been there, and some are new ones. some of them have offered to do sexual things with him. i know he loves me, but i can’t just help feeling like one day the truth is gonna come out and i’m gonna be the typical dumb girl that never sees it coming. the fact i doubt him so much shows up a lot. we get in arguments on absolutley nothing based on the fact i’m jealous and have absolutley no trust. i refuse to be a clingy girlfriend and watch over his shoulder all the time, but i’ve been tempted to make like a fake myspace and flirt with him to see what he’ll do …but i’m afraid of what he’ll do.

11 thoughts on “should i be jealous?

  1. Don’t do the fake myspace page! I was recently in a relationship like that and i was jealous of all his girlriends so itxted him and pretended i was someone else…He didnt flirt! But later on that night he found out it was me and didnt want to talk to me and now he broke up with me. i regret it. I wish i could’ve just stopped being insecure and just trusted him…

  2. He sounds like a cheater. Even if he isn’t sounds like some who rather have female friends than see you happy. Old friends maybe, new ones uh un.

    Truthfully, if I had to bet I’d say he was cheating. Sorry, not usually this directive but I’ve been there – I wanted to believe the “we’re just friends” I regret it. It only been 10 months get out now.

  3. Do NOT spy on him, that’s the worst thing possible! I’ve been in a relationship with this girl for 5 years and I had that happen to me recently, and believe me I am going to end this relationship because of it. I refuse to live my life this way.

  4. Be careful what you ask, because you may not like the answer.

    Without trust your relationship will fail. Trust and let be, or don’t and let go.

  5. NEWSFLASH!!!! You ARE a clingy, needy dumb little girl. You see if you having trust issues then you can automatically assume there is NO respect. NO love. And especially NO decency. The best thing you can do is kick Romeo to the curb and find you a REAL man. That shouldn’t be too hard.!!!!!

  6. you should be happy. If your relationship is this sensitive now, how would a marriage survive?
    Not being in a relationship is scary and lonely. But thinking this is a healthy relationship is unfair to yourself.
    I would break off the relationship. You can be friendly, but I would hang out with him. That would hurt.
    Move on. Something else good will happen.

    1. girl, seriously!… u need to dump ths boy like now. i was in a relationship just like tht, and i did make a fake accoung nt on myspace on fb, and he did flirt with the “”girl”” dump him b4 he dumps u and humiliates u in front of all his friends.. :(

  7. if you’re that insecure in the relationship to the point that you’re thinking of creating a fake myspace page then its probably not the relationship for you. You should never feel like you cannot trust our mate…if you do…there is usually a reason…

    1. I couldn’t agree more. This is probably not the relationship for you. PLUS it’s making you crazy. Find another guy with less exes!

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