I hate reading of all these girls who are getting abortions or want sympathy because they are pregnant at 16. If you’re ashamed to be pregnant, don’t spread your legs. It’s a choice. I was pregnant at 16. My boyfriend was 18 and made 300 dollars a week. Our families dealt with it, and offered their help. Unfortunately, I miscarried 6 weeks into my pregnancy. This the most painful thing I could ever go through. It kills me to read of girls aborting their babies because they can’t deal with the embarassment of teenage pregnancy. They are stupid bitches and have no idea how many people cannot have children and envy them, and they throw it all away.

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  1. I think I love you! Lol, for real though, I completely agree. I’m 23 with no babies and I’m so sick of people who think abortion is OK! It’s sickening :(

  2. i’m sorry for your loss but would you rather have thousands of babies being born and mistreated and brought up in poverty. At the innocent age of 16 most people aren’t ready to be parents.

    you may not agree with miscarriage but surely you agree with wanting a better life for these kids.

    yes it’s horrible for people who can’t have kids but there is very high numbers of sexual abuse for adopted kids.

    and close their legs!!?? you’re one to talk! close your own damn legs hypocrite!

    they’ve done what they think is right. respect them and stop being such a hateful bitch! move on hypocrite!

  3. I know how your feeling I misscarried at 15 years old. I was devastated. I am now 17 with a great boyfriend and graduated from high school. I look back and think of where I would be if I had the baby, sometimes I still look at baby clothing and wish he or she was here, and then I think of if I would have graduated or found my soulmate. I hate myself sometimes for being glad I didn’t bring a baby into this world I couldn’t support, my parents couldn’t support me though they support my sister her two kids her bf and my little brother, I moved out at 14 and had no place of my own, my baby would have starved and been in the cold. I would have loved my baby but I thank god for keeping her/him from me.

  4. stop judging others. everyone is not ment to be a mother and birth control does fail. 16 is too young to be a mother.

  5. Get over it, and let other people live their lives. You have no right to judge other girls because you know nothing about them or their situation.

    1. exactly. love those that judge and tell others what they should do with their lives when will folks wake up to the fact that not every one is meant to be a parent man or woman. andn why should women get stuck with a pregnacy they don’t want while the man walks away. folks birth control fails. stop putting your religion in my bedroom. america is going to hell in a religious handbasket. and that ain’t good

  6. you are right…. abortions not good for anyone involved

    my husband and i would like to have kids and i can not feel sorry for someone that would kill a baby

    i dont care about a persons personal views about abortion, but dont have one and then feel all guilty about it.

    if there is guilt then you know that something about it is wrong.

  7. i totally agree. i had my first child a couple months b4 my 16 bday. everyone gave me hell, but i was old enough to have sex by choice, so i took my responsibilty plus i could NEVER have an abortion. not so much religious but more believing everything happens for a reason. since then ive got married, and after 3 miscarriages i have another baby : ) keep trying honey, you will be blessed when time allows

  8. ok beachkat. your really dumb. she was saying no teenage girls should complain or get sympathy for having an abortion. what she was saying was if you cant handle taking responsibility for your actions. then dont have a baby. open your legs, fine. but then take the consequences. girls who have abortions are making a little life pay for something that isnt the babys fault. ya maybe there not old enought to have a child so they dont want to take responsibility….its very rare that a teenager feels old enough to care for a child. but they do anyways…just like if you get in trouble because you constantly use drugs cause they feel good….then dont complain your too young for jail. take the consequences. abortion is the easy way out and thats it. im pregnant right now at 17.and my life is just getting started..whos fault was it?…mine..but i will never put the fault at my unborn child. its my responsibility as a mother to finish what i started.

    1. abortion is the right choice for those wo make. and maintaining a pregnancy is the right choice for those who make it. see very simple. you are 17 have u no birth control education at home or school. don’t foist your beliefs on others. donate to planned parent hood. i volunteer and donate money so those who make the choice to terminate can. this ain’t the land of the taliban, yet

    2. ok unknown you’re really dumb!
      fair enough you don’t believe in abortion but if it’s right for that person then that’s their choice and you have no right to judge them!

      and so what your saying is you’d rather have many teen parents who can’t cope?? rather the baby is aborted if the parents are not ready than have their hate or abuse turned on the child!

      abortion is the EASY way????? NO! abortion is one of the mos painful and tormenting things a woman could go through.

      my friend was raped and left pregnant. she had an abortion because she knew in herself she couldn’t cope seeing her abuser’s features in her baby. she did what was right for her! you can’t judge that.
      don’t judge till you know the circumstances! you are so sad.

  9. You are not in a very good position to judge them or decide who and what they are. You weren’t exactly clever yourself were you? Close their legs? What? Like you did? Pot, kettle, black honey.

    I am sorry you had a miscarriage, but I suggest you hold your fire on other women and their circumstances before you decide they are ‘bitches’ just because YOU are still angry with the world.

    Deal with your anger and your issues, and learn to move on.

    1. Murder is murder wither it is an unborn baby or some hobo in an ally. She is talking about people who screw their brains out then end up pregnant, and see abortion as an easy way out. She said she sucked it up and both her and her boyfirend where prepares to raise this child before they lost it. I feel for you

  10. I agree. they should deal with the choice they made by sex out of wedlock, and if anything give the baby to a family that will love it more than they can.

    1. sex out of wedlock isn’t a crime! many people aren’t married. do you suppose we all walk around virgins till we find the love of our lives who we will be tied and trapped to forever. no thanks!

      and there is a high number of sexual abuse that goes on in with adoption parents.

      just saying it’s sometimes not that easy!

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