Justice or just lies

I unfriended my boyfriend’s ex on his Facebook account. He thinks she unfriended him. He’s devastated.


three times he told me that if she walked in the door, he would leave me for her. AND, before I did it, he had started cheating on me by contacting an old bootycall. And he lied about it. Twice.

I don’t like seeing him sad, and I don’t like lying… This is the only thing I’ve ever kept from him. But, it does feel just.

9 thoughts on “Justice or just lies

  1. He said three times that he would leave you for someone else and you just dont want him to be sad? What are you waiting for? To hell with him

  2. If the way you characterize him is true he’s a jerk, and you two deserve each other.

    If you have no solid proof of its truth, you’re a distrustful girl and nobody deserves to have their character abused that way.

    1. @Mike: I agree with you that the boyfriend is a jerk. But I think she did the right thing. And she is right to keep it from him. And observe what happens.

  3. thats effed up, drop him bruh! you deserve more than an effin cheater, he’s playing yo felins like a guy playing basketball

  4. And you think “de-friending” his ex is gonna stop him from cheating if he really wants to?

    Develop trust in this relationship if it is worth keeping.

  5. Dear Friend,

    I can understand why you would feel as you do but what you did was an invasion of your boyfriend’s privacy. Relationship founded on dishonesty usually don’t work out too well. So, you may want to confess this to him and let the cards fall where they may. Good luck.

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