My best friend is the sweetest and most sincere person I have ever met. She is intelligent and witty beyond belief. And I’ve told her I’m jealous…not in a nasty way just a, “I wish I had your mind”. But now I feel like crying cause the guy I’ve liked who she was has never met likes her just based on her personality off twitter. And I don’t blame him…But I’m devastated and feel like crying.

2 thoughts on “jealous

  1. I know exactly what you mean…. My best friend in the world is skinny, pretty, incredibly smart, funny, nice….. Every guy I liked when we went to school together liked her…. Once we went to the mall for her Bday and I say a guy I thought was totally hot and he was totally my type not hers…. She got his number for me…. But he liked her…. Within an hour…. I cried a bit and told her how I felt and she hugged me and told me all those guys were stupid anyways…. when I moved and got a guy best friend I had them meet up….. They got along great and I was so nervous that he’d like her better…. But he’s mine now :) my very first boyfriend and theyre great friends which makes me happy :) he says he has never liked her more than me never thought she was smarter or prettier….. :) all you have to do is wait for the guy that only wants y

  2. I think everyone has grown up having a friend that’s “perfect”. Most people actually prefer someone who’s more at a human level for true relationships. I’m not sure how old you are but I doubt he’s looking JUST for a relationship. Take care.

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