me and my friend are both writers. i started writing a book last summer and my friend did last month. everything went good until her book got popular than mine. people like her books more than they like mine. i write non fiction, she writes fiction. but i cant let her get more reads than me. even though she means the world to me, she cant see that her popularity is affecting me, hard.

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  1. I think its completely normal. You probably see yourself a the better writer between you 2 and your subject matter is probably better researched, informative etc.
    It’s Not yours or her fault. I’d chalk it up too people just don’t read as much non fiction. People like stories, fantasy. Thats just our culture especially in younger demographics. I personally don’t care for fiction but for every one guy like me theres 10 that don’t like nonfiction.
    Your product IS probably better than hers but, shes selling pizza and your selling a green salad. Your product is ultimately better for people but they’re going to buy that greasy ass pizza.
    Or, on the flip side maybe shes a better writer? I’m assuming , because I’m bias that you’re the better of the 2 based on the fact you write non fiction but, maybe shes just a little better at capturing the reader? I hope this makes sense. So either be content that your book is better regardless of reads or just tell her how you wish your book had as many reads. Find out what shes doing and on her next book when shes almost complete “accidently”erase the file from her computer, cloud, backup etc…
    I am curious now about the subject matter of the two books.

  2. If you truly love your friend, you should be happy for her success. God will bless you when you do that. Jealousy can not not lead to anything good. When you truly from your heart feel happy for your friend, your jealousy will start melting away. In fact you should go ahead and complement your friends writing and tell her that you are happy for her. Believe me, it will do wonders in your life. You can even ask your friend to give you ideas on how to improve your writing . It will be a win-win situation for both of you…Trust me.

  3. Here’s something to consider: What would it mean if you were honest with your friend? And how can you work to rid yourself of useless jealousy which could affect your friendship?

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