I love you really.

I tell you my phone is broken so I don’t have to text you, that I’m sick so that I don’t have to see you, but I freak out at you if you hang out with anyone else. I’m too scared to talk to you anymore because you might mention some other girl and i’ll get jealous again. I insult you so that you’ll keep thinking I’m the best you can get, but it’s just to stop you realising how much better you can do. I’ll die if you leave me but I want you to be happy.

4 thoughts on “I love you really.

  1. You’re not with the right person – if you were, then you would not suffer from such insecurity. This person is not “the one”, and if you stay with them, you will spend the rest of your life feeling like you do – burning with jealousy and hatred. But you sound weak, so good luck with that one.

  2. You seem very afraid to let someone love you. Trusting someone with your heart is very scary because it means they have the power to break it. When trust is broken, people become very protective of themselves and try to use control as a way to avoid being hurt again. Love is uncontrollable but believe me it’s worth the risk, because when you find the real thing it’s the most amazing feeling in the world but if you continue to try to control it, you will miss it completely.

  3. the way u think not even a girl who is 16 will think …please change the way you think .. try to meet him if you love him not avoid him . ……last but not least think with maturity dont be a kid

  4. you are just a waste cause you do not know , how to love a person …..he will leave you very soon if you continue to be the same

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