I hate my boyfriends kid

I really hate my bfs kid. It is the ugliest little bald baby ive ever seen. I hate its ugly ass fat mother too. I wish they would both just die. I hate I feel this way but I do. My bf said he was signing over his rights and I hope he does so I dont ever have to see him love on it. I wish his f****** family would mind their damn buisness. Ill have him a prettier baby one day so they can forget that lil f*** up.

3 thoughts on “I hate my boyfriends kid

  1. i feel so sorry for those kids. kids arent always gonna look perfect, theyre growing and things about them look awkward. thats also subjective, i bet when you have a child or if you already do, some people thought ur kid is ugly too. this resentment is really crazy, and that guy sounds like a piece of shit for writing off two human beings he helped create and moved on to you, some weird ass chick calling his children ugly, hoping they die. i guarantee he will betray you in some way and this cycle with repeat. god have mercy.

  2. My boyfriend & I have been together for almost 6 years now. We’ve got a 4 year old son together. He has 2 ugly brats from a previous relationship & the first year or so we were together, he saw them every other weekend but always at his parents house. He knows exactly how I feel about the 2 little mistakes, they’re nothing more than an intrusive burden. So as he & I grew closer & had our own child…. he’s not had very much at all to do with the baggage from the past. He’s always put me first because he knows if he doesn’t I’d leave him in a second. He’s finally and currently in the process of relinquishing all parental rights and terminating any and everything to do with them. I couldn’t be happier. We have our own family and certainly don’t need past mistakes interfering with what we want. It’s the best gift he’s ever given me, besides my son…. which is his one & only child. Let somebody else deal with the ugly brats, they’re certainly not my problem and in a few short weeks, they’re not going to be his problem either. I’m the happiest I’ve been in years! He knew from day one that if I wasn’t going to be his number one priority, then it was a deal breaker. It’s been a slow process, but I’m not a complete bi*** …. I realize it couldn’t happen overnight. But he’s well aware that I’d never marry him until that issue was taken care of, I’d never be a stepmother to such ugly brats!

  3. You are too negative to wish for harm on others -.- just try not to go over the line and hurt the other party. You would make yourself look bad if you did.

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