i hate her..

Dear C,
\I hate you so much. and its not like u have done anything, but ur just too perfect. flawless everything. and i hate you for it. i wish you just would die in a hole, so i don’t have to get all worked up when i see you in the halls. I wish i could be you so much, i cry almost everyday cause my life sucks. really.

From the bottom of my haert,

13 thoughts on “i hate her..

  1. So true, but you need to be aware that there are times when the situation endangered other people and if the offender isn’t held accountable others could be hurt. It’s not a matter of hate it’s carrying out a moral duty.

  2. So damn perfect huh well that’s their thing. Try and improve yourself, hating them won’t make you feel any better -.- I mean certainly you don’t feel good right now that you are hating them, I’m not saying you should like them but just try not to care about it. The world is big and life is long to spend on being envious.

  3. This girl is not as perfect as you think she is. But you’ve got kind of fixated on her, so everything you see is going to look that way, including the way people react to her. In reality, even if she’s popular there’s most likely loads of people who don’t think she’s all that.

    I used to have the same thing. Then I got to know the girl a bit better and she was just kind of..normal. Like, she was still very pretty and had a lot going for her, but no more than averagely lucky people. She was lucky, sure but not really as much as I thought. And I realised some people even thought she was a bit of a dick.

    It’ll be the same with this girl. She’s not as flawless as you think.

    1. My nephew Ben was in a similar situation. He had two options. Look the other way and let the carnage continue or follow his conscience and do the right thing. He’s certainly not relishing the whole idea but has come to a point in his life where he just can’t because innocents have and will
      be damaged.

  4. I get you…there’s this girl I hate because she’s perfect and her life is perfect as well. She makes me feel more insecure and it’s sickening how everything works out for her…and the worst part is she doesn’t even know it…

    1. You actually think she hates you because she thinks you are perfect. Quite the opposite. She dislikes you because she knows what you are. Things won’t work out perfectly for her…I guarantee it.

  5. You need therapy badly in order to find out why you can’t be happy for others and why you want their life station. This is called jealousy or envy and it does not help you at all. Try to concentrate on accepting yourself and building a positive self concept and a happier life. Do it for yourself. Take care now.

  6. Nobody is perfect! Everyone has something to hide. For all you know C has issues mo one knows about. Find what it is that you do better than anyone and excel at it. Everyone’s best friend is themselves… Find yourself and smile… Someone cares for you.

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